How much is the lion worth on TikTok?


  • Sending a lion or other gifts on TikTok helps support content creators, as the coins spent can be converted into real money that they can withdraw via PayPal.
  • The Lion gift costs around 420.66 USD (or 400 €), representing a significant investment to express appreciation for a designer.
  • Designers receive around 90 % of the value of the gifts, with the Lion bringing in around €360 or more than 378 $.

TikTok, an application that is attracting more and more users, is a means of entertainment for others, and of earning money for some. Indeed, to thank your favorite content creator on Tiktok, you can send him or her gifts. These gifts are which are then transformed into diamonds. Once the parts reach $100, the designer can withdraw it in cash via Paypal. It's a kind of commission.

There are several types of gifts to send to designers. The more you send parts to your streamers during a live broadcast, the more you support it. However, some gifts are a little more expensive and valuable than others. In this article, we'll take a look at how much a Lion is worth on Tiktok.

Image of Lion Tiktok
Image to illustrate the Lion prize on TikTok

How much does the Tiktok Lion gift cost in real money?

The Tiktok Lion gift seems to cost a lot of money on a Live, whereas this is not the case. As you already know, Tiktok users can buy coins using several different formulas. You can spend $0.99 for 65 coins, $4.99 for 330 coins and $9.99 for 660 coins. The maximum number of coins that can be purchased at one time on Tiktok is 16,500 coins at $249.99.

Please note that every TikTok user can buy Coins or French coins which are the social network's virtual currency. At present, the Lion on TikTok costs 29,999 coins :

  • TikTok lion price in euros : 400 € ;
  • As a result, the Lion price in dollars is around 420.66 USD. 

However, if you're buying Tiktok Live coins for the first time, you'll be able to make some savings. There's a reason why the Lion costs an arm and a leg on Tiktok. But the question is: is the Lion gift really worth it?

In fact, spending more than $400 (€400) on a simple virtual gift is perhaps exaggerated for others. For others, it's a way to appreciate a creator. However, with the price of Lion gifts, users very rarely send them.

It's worth pointing out that the Lion is not the most expensive gift on Tiktok Live. The most expensive is Tiktok Universe. By sending this gift, a whole virtual assortment of cameras and other objects, as well as a Tiktok Live logo, will appear on the screen. The price of this gift is 500 or 475.33 euros to 34,999 pieces.

How much does the content creator earn when he gets a lion?

When a designer receives a lion as a gift, he or she will not receive its full monetary value. A certain portion is retained by TikTok to cover the platform's operating costs and generate profits.

So, for each lion received, the creator can expect receive approximately 90 % of the total valueor approximately 360 or more than 378 $. However, just like the purchase price, the amount the lion gives to the designer can vary according to the period, promotions or certain offers.

How do you send a lion or gifts to your content creators?

You can send gifts to your favorite Tiktok content creators during their live broadcasts. To do so:

  1. Push the button on the top left corner of your home screen to find live feeds;
  2. Then find the flows to support ;
  3. Press thegift icon to send the gift.

The designer will then receive the diamonds. For your information, these cannot be bought, but only received as gifts. They can, however, be exchanged for cash.

Once the sum reaches $100, he or she can withdraw the money via Paypal. The role of gifts, then, is to reward your favorite creator. What's more, if you're wondering how to generate revenue by spending time on TikTok, check out the 6 tips below. effective methods to monetize your TikTok account.

In short, giveaways are the best way to support your favorite content creator. If you liked their live or their shares, do not hesitate to support them.

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