How to add storage on Xbox Series S and X?


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Sometimes, it's a bit annoying that the console's internal memory doesn't have enough space to store games. All the more so as today's video games, thanks to their various programming and image quality improvements, have a much heavier file size than older games.

If you have an Xbox S and X Series console and were wondering about this, we're going to guide you through how to add storage to Xbox S and X Series. In this article, you'll also find out where to find these extensions and which one to choose. We're off!

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Illustrative image of how to add storage to an Xbox Series X/S
Illustrative image of how to add storage to an Xbox Series X/S

Why add storage to Xbox Series S and X?

Well, that's not very necessary for casual gamers, given that the Xbox X-series has more than enough internal memory, with a capacity of 1TB. To be precise, the usable space is 800 GB, as the 200 GB is taken up by the system's pre-installed tools and software.

The S version has a total of 512 GB of memory. Not counting system software, you can allocate 364 GB for your Xbox applications and games.

If you have the S series, you will certainly need more spaceThis is because flagship games such as NBA 2k21, Black Ops Cold War, and certain adventure games each have a size of no less than 100 GB. So, if you've already installed these two games on your console along with utility applications, consider increasing your storage space to add another.

How to choose memory extension types?

Not to mention the capacity of memory, it is also important to emphasize that the performance memory remains a subject to be looked at in order to have a better gaming experience. You can choose between HDD and SSD memory. Of course, prices vary according to the type of expansion card.

How do I add storage to my Xbox X/S?

A storage expansion card

If you want our opinion, we suggest the Seagate Expansion Card from Amazon, which is, for the moment, the only card compatible with both the S and X series. As a reminder, Seagate's expansion card is more compact, discreet, reliable, protects data longer, consumes less power; and faster than HDD's. Seagate Expansion Card not only has 1/ 2 TB of memory, but it is offered at a crazy price on the Amazon site.

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Installation couldn't be simpler: this external hard drive connects to the rear of your console via the extension port. As it happens, you also have the option of connecting it to your console via USB, but we recommend the route via the extension port.

The Xbox Series Xbox X/S external SSD

The external SSD is also a solution for adding memory to your Xbox. This solution is fast, but not as practical as the console's internal SSD or expansion cards. These external SSD cards limit the Xbox Series user experience to some extent, as it's impossible to install optimized Xbox Series games on these external SSD storage devices.

The Xbox Series X/S external USB

The external USB hard drive is an economical solution for adding storage to your Xbox Series X/S. However, the problem is the same as with the external SSD mentioned above, because you can't install Xbox Series X/S-optimized games on it - you can only archive them. So, to play them, you have to transfer them to the console's internal SSD, which will take a few minutes. But if you don't want to wait and have extra memory on your Xbox Series X/S :

Choose the best storage expansion card for your Xbox Series X/S :

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