How to locate a person with their phone number without them knowing?


  1. Localize for fast, discreet geolocation Using, it's possible to locate a phone in less than 5 minutes via an anonymous SMS, without installing an application and without revealing your identity.
  2. Compatibility and confidentiality guaranteed The service works with all types of phones and networks worldwide, while preserving the user's anonymity.
  3. Alternatives and contexts of use In addition to Localize, services like Geofinder offer similar functionality for less, and software like EyeZy is available for extended parental control, including monitoring of various online activities.

Phone tracking allows you to ensure the safety of your loved ones or keep an eye on your employees. However, it's not always easy to track another person's phone using their number, especially if they don't know it. Please note that this action is made easy thanks to Localize, a fast and efficient online location service.

How to locate a phone with Localize ? And what advantages does this service offer? provides the answers in this guide.

Locate any number in 5 minutes with this tool:

⏩Locate a phone in 5 minutes⏪

Locating a phone number without the person knowing it: How do I do it?

First of all, it should be noted that geolocating someone's phone is not illegal. This is in line with the recommendations of the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner. In fact, this action will only be possible if the person in question agrees to be localized.

There are many tools on the market for locating cell phones, such as Google Maps. But among these applications, stands out, allowing you to locate someone's mobile device without them knowing who you are.

How can you locate someone with their phone number without revealing your identity?

As technology has progressed, applications have emerged that enable you to locate someone at a distance without them discovering your identity. Such is the case with the Localize application.

Localize does not require no physical access to the mobile device you wish to locate. If you'd like to track someone's location, simply visit the site and search by cell phone number. This service works online, so you don't need to install any applications on your device.

How do I locate my device or other devices with Localize?

How does geolocation work on Localize? There are 3 steps:

  1. Go to and enter telephone number target person's mobile ;
  2. The target person will receive an SMS from an anonymous sender containing the location tracking link on his cell phone, sent by Localize ;
  3. The person click on the link And you know its location.

Locating a phone with this application is so simple and discreet. Geolocation is requested anonymously and your identity will not be revealed. What's more, all cell phones are taken into account, regardless of model.

Costing 10 $ less, here's an alternative to :

👍Locate a phone with Geofinder👍

Why choose

Using the Localise application to track a person's location by number, without them knowing, is to your advantage:

  • The service is 100 % private, your identity will never be revealed to the target person;
  • Localize works regardless of the type of cell phone networks and all types phones, anywhere in the world;
  • You can locate as many numbers without having to install an application, the action is done online.
  • With a GPS service in particular, the site guarantees you exact address.

Summary of advantages and disadvantages of

As we know how important it is to know a tool before opting for these services, here's a table summarizing the strengths and limitations of the application:

Advantages Disadvantages
  • Easy to use;
  • Preserves your anonymity when locating cell phones with respect to the owner;
  • Covers all telephone numbers worldwide.
  • Supports all smartphone types and networks.
  • Intrusive to your target's privacy;
  • No free map available;
  • Target consent is required to access the target's position.


Why locate a cell phone discreetly?

There are many reasons why someone might locate a phone without notifying the owner.

Monitor your children

If you're a parent, worry about your child is quite normal. That's why you're looking for a way to locate a cell phone. Knowing where your child is will give you the peace of mind of knowing that he or she is safe. Some parents choose parental control software to keep their children safe, both on social networks and elsewhere.

For example, EyeZy lets you view your child's location and social networks via a clear, unobtrusive dashboard.

Keeping an eye on your partner or loved one

Whether it's a parent, spouse or any other person, many people worry about the well-being of their partner/relative and choose to track their cell phone with applications. However, some people prefer to locate the device without notifying the owner, so as not to appear intrusive.

Alternatives to Localize for locating a person without their knowledge

Geofinder :

Geofinder is also a tool that allows you to secretly locate a phone, provided you have its phone number. Of course, what sets this tool apart from Localize is that it offers its service for 10 $ less than the latter. This solution is particularly worth considering if you want to save money.

So, are you ready to locate a person with Geofinder?

⏩I locate a phone with Geofinder⏪


Want to access someone's location without them knowing? Our tip for you is the EyeZy application. This parental control software is packed with features that let you discover a target's every move without their knowledge.

Bonus, in addition to locationthe software also gives you access to :

  • SMS and online messages on social networks
  • Your child's Internet activities
  • Media on the phone (images, videos, films, etc.)
  • Applications on the device
  • But, more importantly, the application gives you an update on your target's location.

Don't hesitate to visit their site to discover the tool:

👀I discover EyeZy👀

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