How to adjust a Casio needle and digital watch?

The indispensable Casio watch has remained popular for generations. Indeed, watch enthusiasts know full well that the Casio brand is the best. However, setting the date and time can be a tricky business.

Indeed, because of the different buttons on watches, settings can sometimes be confused. All the more so since date and time modifications are different for Casio needle watches and Casio digital watches.

Fortunately, this article explains how to set the date and time on your Casio watch.

If you're thinking that changing watches is more practical than repairing :

(Picture Setting a casio watch. Picture taken from internet)

Setting the date and time of a Casio watch needle

Before moving on to setting, it is essential to mention the various setting buttons on your needle watch.

In fact, when viewed from above, you will find on your right two buttons between the "crown":

  • We'll call this one above button " A "
  • the below : the button " B ".
  • the last button on the left: " C ".

Now we can move on to setting the date and time. To do this, simply follow the steps below:

  1. First, you need to pull crown until the second click. The seconds will then move to the time zone. Then, gently hold "C for 10 seconds. If you do this, you'll see that the needle seconds will go to 12 hours.
  2. Now you need to set the minutes and the hour. All you have to do is turn the crown before hold down button "C.
  3. Once the decade number has been set, you need to turn the crown again to move the seconds hand to the desired decade.
  4. Then press " VS " to set the year before turning the crown. The aim is to set the seconds hand to the year. the year.
  5. By repeating the procedure, you will switch to monthly settingthen to the day.
  6. Once the settings are complete, all you have to do is push back the crown once the timer beeper sounds.

Setting the date and time of a Casio digital watch

(Image illustration of a Casio digital watch. Image taken via the Internet.)


All digital watches feature 4 buttons. Note that :

  • The top on the left will be named " A " and the right "B.
  • The down will be appointed " VS " and the right "D.

So, to change the date and time on your Casio digital watch, you need to use these 4 buttons. To do this, proceed as follows:

  1. First of all, you need to press button "A until it flashes. In fact, once the seconds stop flashing, you'll find the setting screen.
  2. Then press " C ". This is to move the flashing in a certain order (Seconds, DST, Standby code, Hours, Minutes, Years, Months, Days and back to Seconds).
  3. You must now select the other settings.
  4. If the setting you wish to change is displayed, press "D" and "B to change it :
  • Indeed, if you see on your screen " 50 " (seconds reset to 00) or "OFF (summer/winter time changeover), please click on "D" only.
  • On the other hand, if the display shows "TYO (change city code), you can select "D to "East and B for "West.
  • And finally, if the screen shows " 10 : 50 " (hour and minute setting), " 14 " (year setting) and " 6 :30 " (day and month setting), click on " D " to " + " and on " B " to " - ".

And there you have it!

My Casio watch is beyond repair: what can I do?

Although it's not always a common occurrence, it's quite possible that at some point you may find yourself unable to set your Casio watch. And for good reason: some Casio brand watches can sometimes be very difficult to set. more difficult to maintain than othersSome people simply can't cope with them any more. So, as a last resort, it's entirely possible for you to replace of your Casio watch.

All you need to do is visit a Casio watch boutique near you, especially if you'd like to try one out. On the other hand, you may have difficulty finding a local distributor, in which case it's best to turn to to an online store to buy a casio watch : take the opportunity to treat yourself and turn to an online platform that offers regular promotions on watches of all kinds, whether it's the Casio brand or another brand of watches !

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