How do I analyze a Facebook account?

Social networks are an integral part of digital communications strategies. Managing social networks, especially Facebook, is hard work. Managers must an in-depth annual analysis for establish the right strategy. This is where Facebook account analysis software comes in. Find out more in this article.

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Analyze your Facebook account with today's best tool: Fanpage Karma

Managing social network accounts is no mean feat, especially if you link your advertising campaigns to them. Writing reports on campaign results takes a lot of time and energy. What's more, when you do it manually, it's difficult to know exactly how many subscribers you have and how they behave. That's why Fanpage Karma was created. The tool provides one-click access to annual statistics a Facebook page. It allows you to edit :

  • the number of Fans as well as their evolution
  • the number of posts
  • As well as the number of interactions

The software has been designed to dashboards as well as campaign analyses. It analyzes pages and monitor networks and platforms. In fact, it's also known as: the online assistance and technical support tool.

Fanpage Karma is compatible with several software packages and accessible via web browserWindows, Mac, OS, Mobile, Android, etc.

How do I access FanPage Karma?

To access Fanpage Karma, proceed as follows:

  • Visit his official website:

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  • Once on it, you win a free one-month trial to test features before upgrading to paid mode. Data will be hosted in the Cloud: USA.
  • If you access the via mobile, you go get help and support.

PricesThey are evolving according to the updates, and are categorized by number and quality of user. Customer service is available to provide information and guidance. Alternatively, don't miss our article on FanPage Karma prices if you want to find out more about these prices.

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Why analyze a Facebook account?

All digital actions require in-depth analysis to determine whether they were successful or not, and to make improvements to improve performance. It's important to know what impact photos, videos and news have had on your fans. As a result, you'll understand the type of content your fans are interested in, when to publish, how often. social network managers need to know how to attract fans, and how treat them. Then, statistics allow you to learn what your fans don't like, so you can stop offering them this kind of content.

What is reach on Facebook?

Reach on Facebook is a number defined for find out how many people have seen the content in a given period of time. Scope can be translated as "the unique impression. It's important to point out, however, that there's a certain nuance between impression and range. The printout shows the frequency of content viewed by those you've reached. To be clear, a user can view the same Facebook post several times, impressions can be equal to or greater than the single staff itself.

How do I analyze reach on Facebook?

Reach on Facebook is divided into several options:

  • The daily scope in other words, the number of people you have achieved in one day
  • The weekly reach which indicates the number of people reached in the last 7 days
  • The monthly range the number of people reached during the month or on a 28-day period.

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