How do you analyze a Facebook group?

Facebook is one of today's most widely used social networks. The best platform for finding unique prospects and niches. By joining a few Facebook groups, you have more chance of finding subscribers. In addition, it's important to analyze a Facebook group, using effective tools. Let's find out together in this article, how to analyze a Facebook group?

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Analyze a Facebook group with Fanpage Karma

Drawing up an annual report on your Facebook activities is a difficult task. It requires a lot of hard work. To help you, we've created Fanpage Karma. This software has been designed to manage social networks properly by promoting: the publication planning, l'analysis, the competitive intelligence, etc..

The benefits of FanPage Karma

The software has been designed to help companies better manage their content and stand out on social networks. It enables Facebook account managers to to develop, of edit and of publish content and evaluate the quality of the latter. It also allows to monitor the brand, there reputation management, the cooperationetc. The software promotes communication with customers. Fanpage Karma makes it possible torun advertising campaigns and plan publications in advance.

In addition, the application offers a monthly subscription where users are supported by phone, e-mail or online. The software enables social media managers and agencies to better engage subscribers and reach popular groups on Facebook. The aim is to help companies monitor Facebook pages and optimize marketing strategies on Facebook.

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What are Fanpage Karma's features?

Fanpage Karma is a Saas software offering a number of features:

  • The competitor monitoring ;
  • A dashboard log ;
  • A monitoring commitments ;
  • A influencer tracking ;
  • The performance indicators ;
  • The planning function publications
  • The reports and analyses

How much does it cost?

Fanpage Karma offers several price plans:

  • The Free tariff offered at 49.90 $ per month per user
  • The Bronze tariff offered at 99.90 $ per month per user
  • The Silver rate is offered at 179.16 $ per month per user

However, you can test it for free for a limited time. To find out more about pricing, read our article What are Fanpage Karma's rates?. Also, if you'd like to save money when using FanPageKarma services, be sure to use our exclusive promo code FanPage Karma!

Then choose the FanPage Karma rate that suits you best:

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Why analyze a Facebook group?

Today, Facebook is used by over 1,600 million active users a day, or 2.4 billion active users a month. Analyzing all this data is no mean feat. And yet.., you need to improve engagement rates of your business. You need to understand your Facebook data to know what type of content to publish and what content will attract your audience. Facebook group management tools help you optimize your social strategy. That's why FanPageKarma is the tool of choice!

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