How to delete a twitter account?

Would you like to take a step back from social networking and take a break from Twitter? Do you really want to delete your Twitter account permanently ? If the answer is "yes", but you don't know how, learn more in this guide. So let's go hunting for information on how to delete a Twitter account.

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A twitter account

How do I delete my Twitter account?

End tweets, retweets and other tweets. It is entirely in your honor to delete a Twitter account. Whether for ethical or other reasons. Indeed, social networks can become invasive and time-consuming. Moreover, many users choose to take the plunge and delete the account. If you are one of these users, find out how to permanently or temporarily delete a Twitter account below:

  • First, go to your Twitter account ;
  • Click on your profile icon which is at the top right to open the menu unfolding ;
  • Then click on Settings and Privacy ;
  • For disable your account, scroll down and click Disable your account ;
  • Another new page will appear on your screen, you must read the instructions carefully before clicking the blue Disable button ;
  • Then, Enter your password on the dialog box that appears and finally click on Disable account to delete your Twitter account.

For now, your Twitter account will be deactivated, however, you have already disappeared from the Twitter social network. For permanently deactivate your account, you must wait 30 days in order to reactivate your account if you change your mind. To do this, simply enter your username and password.

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