How to find a TikTok that we have seen, but not liked?

Each video offered to you on TikTok has been specially selected by the algorithms according to the types of video you watch often and according to your interests. While watching several interesting videos, you sometimes happen to refresh the current thread by accident. And there, you think that you would no longer be able to find the video on which you were stuck before having made a false manipulation. Do not panic, this article is precisely made in order to give you practical tips to deal with this kind of situation.

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Is it possible to find a video already seen by using the search field?

TikTok is an application that's making a name for itself. Used particularly by teenagers and young adults, it is also starting to attract more and more older people. It encourages users to make videos, and watch them without moderation.

When we are on TikTok, we are not used to looking for a particular video. We look at what is offered to us, we watch, then we scroll when we don't like it. The videos offered are so numerous that even the search field of this application has trouble finding the exact one you are looking for, especially if it is not a video from a well-known creator.

Using TikTok's search field is therefore not the best way to find a video that you have already seen, even if it could still work after many and many reformulations. You need a fairly precise technique.

What's the best way to find a video you've already seen on TikTok?

As you will have understood, you must combine the use of the TikTok search box with other techniques to effectively find a video that you have already seen. Here's what you need to do, step by step:

  • Launch the TikTok app on your mobile;
  • Go to the “Discover” tab by clicking on the small magnifying glass icon, next to the “Home” tab;
  • Type in the search bar at the very top of the screen the query that corresponds to the video you are looking to find, changing keywords each time if you have videos that have nothing to do with your search;
  • Then, press the icon which symbolizes an adjustment table (two small lines in parallel), located at the top of the screen, to the right of the search bar;
  • Activate the "Watched videos" filter, then press "apply" to refine the search by displaying only the videos you have recently viewed.

It is advisable to activate the "Watched videos, last 7 days" filter to speed up your search.

Currently, there isn't a Watched Videos tab on TikTok yet, so you should go through these steps to find a video you've watched but not liked.

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