How to easily hack a bank card in 6 seconds?

Visa cards are vulnerable: The method that can hack them in just 6 seconds

In this article, we're not going to explain how to hack a bank accountInstead, we'd like to discuss a study carried out by researchers at Newcastle University. They have shown that it is possible to hack a Visa card in just 6 seconds using a simple Internet connection. This discovery highlights the vulnerability of the Visa payment system and raises questions about the security of online transactions.

Mass Guessing" to find the information you need

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A simple robot connected to several merchant sites can be used to retrieve the data required to pirate a Visa card (card number, expiry date and visual cryptogram). This robot uses a technique called Mass Guessinga massive guessing game for missing information.

  • The robot connects to several merchant sites to find the card's expiry date.
  • Once the expiry date has been found, it tries to guess the security code by testing all possible combinations.
  • In less than 6 seconds, the robot is able to find the two elements needed to have a usable bank card.

Visa vs MasterCard: different detection systems

The study also revealed that this hacking method only works on Visa cards. In fact, the MasterCard network has a centralized system capable of detecting this type of attack after less than 10 unsuccessful attempts on different networks. MasterCard cards therefore appear to be better able to defend themselves against this guesswork hacking technique.

Flaws in the Visa payment system

The vulnerability of Visa cards is based on two major flaws in their detection system:

  1. Visa allows an unlimited number of attempts for each card field during an online transaction, enabling hackers to use the "Mass Guessing" method to quickly discover all the necessary information.
  2. Merchant sites have different requirements regarding the information needed to validate a transaction, which makes it easier for hackers.

Consequences for customers and companies: the Tesco example

Researchers believe that this method was probably used during the computer attack suffered by Tesco, which caused financial damage of around £2.5 million to its customers. This case illustrates the potentially disastrous consequences of such security breaches for customers and businesses alike.

The importance of protection against online fraud

Mohammed Ali, a PhD student at Newcastle University, explains that even with just the first six digits of a bank card number, a hacker can obtain all the necessary information in a matter of seconds. This discovery underlines the importance of protecting against online fraud, especially during the festive season when the number of online purchases increases dramatically.

How can you protect yourself against this threat?

To avoid falling victim to this hacking method, here are a few tips:

  • Use bank cards with enhanced security systems for online transactions, such as those offered by MasterCard.
  • Check your bank statements regularly and report any suspicious transactions to your bank.
  • Avoid using public WiFi connections for online purchases.

In conclusion, this study highlights a major flaw in the Visa payment system, and serves as a reminder that protection against online fraud is a major issue for customers and businesses alike. Whether you use an online bank or not, it's vital to take the necessary steps to make your transactions as secure as possible, and limit the risks associated with this method of piracy, which takes just six seconds to implement.

How to hack a contactless bank card

In this video you can find out how some people manage to do it:

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