How can I see the number of downloads for an application?

Discovering the number of downloads of an application becomes essential in the ocean of available applications. In 2023, there were 1.96 million on the App Store and 2.87 million on the Google Play Store, and over 218 billion downloaded last year, including money-making applications, of the Deepnude applications, of the phone spy appsand gaming applications, among others.

Whether you're a developer or not, explore how to measure app success in this ever-changing landscape.

View the number of downloads of your own application

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The Google Play platform offers designers and developers a transparent route to analytical data.

By following a few simple steps in the Google Play Console, creators can access a comprehensive dashboard, including the "Lifetime" option providing detailed statistics from launch to the current date. Information includes downloads, uninstalls, average rating and much more.

For even greater precision, designers can explore specific category records and export the corresponding reports.

The number of downloads of an Android application

As an app developer, evaluate performance via the Google Play Developer Console. To view installations on your Android device:

  1. Connect to the Google Play developer console for Android ;
  2. Select the application and access the download data;
  3. Explore the data cards for in-depth details.

The number of downloads of an iPhone application

As the creator of an Apple application, evaluate its performance via App Analytics. To view downloads on your iPhone :

  1. Access App Analytics from the App Store Connection ;
  2. On the "Overview" page, locate your application;
  3. See the "Total downloads" map for the month's downloads.

In App Analytics, evaluate first downloads, re-downloads and total downloads.

The number of downloads of an iPad application

As an Apple app developer, examine the performance of your apps with App Analytics. To check downloads on iPad :

  1. Go to App Store Connection for App Analytics ;
  2. On the "Overview" page, select your application;
  3. Find the "Total downloads" map for downloads in the current month.

Simple app users: ways to see the number of downloads

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Obtaining the number of downloads of an application offers an indication of its popularity, even if you didn't create it.

Note, however, that Google only provides estimates of an application's downloads, accessible by clicking on the download option. If you're not a developer, third-party resources can provide you with more precise information on the number of downloads of an application.

Android applications

As an application user, view all downloads via the Google Play Store :

  1. Open Google Play ;
  2. Search for the desired application;
  3. Click to go to the download page;
  4. Just above "Install", the approximate number of downloads will be displayed.

iPhone applications

For iPhone users, without the use of external resources, it is difficult to view downloads.

Tools such asApp Radar, Mobile Action and Sensor Tower are among these resources. Although they claim to provide accurate data, verification remains difficult. However, Sensor Tower's positive reputation suggests reliability. To access your Sensor Tower statistics, simply :

  1. Create a free account ;
  2. Access their interface ;
  3. Search for the application and see the number of downloads.

We hope this information will help you when you want to know the number of downloads for mobile applications, Android, iPhone or iPad.

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