List of the best applications to spy on a phone in 2024

Article updated for the year 2024


  • MSPY and Eyezy stand out among 24 applications to spy on a phone in 2024.
  • These applications enable discreet monitoring of activities on social networks.
  • Advanced spyware features include keystroke monitoring, remote screen capture and the ability to format the target phone.

What is the best application to spy on a phone in 2024 ?

There are many applications available today for tracking cell phones. In fact, it's software that lets you monitor everything a person does on their cell phone, including incoming and outgoing phone calls, SMS, GPS location and even applications like Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc.

In this article, we provide you with a list of mobile spy applications from 2024, with detailed information on the 2 most popular of them.

Editorial tips, 2 best apps to monitor a Smartphone :

⏩J espionne un téléphone avec le choix de la rédaction⏪

☑️Je monitor a phone with the other choice ☑️

Image of a boy spying on a phone
Image of a person monitoring what's going on in a telephone

List of 24 apps to spy on a phone 2024

Here is a list of the best apps to try if you want to track your spouse or children's phone:

Tested applications (free and paid)

We have tested 8 applications in the following order:

Number 1: MSpy

  • Note from 18/20,
  • detectable = NO,
  • FREE = NO (but 1 week free test),
  • Deleteable = NO,
  • Dangerous for your phone = NO

Number 2: EyeZy

  • Note from 17/20,
  • Detectable = NO,
  • FREE = NO (but 1 week free test),
  • Deleteable = NO ,
  • Dangerous for your phone = NO

Number 3: Spyx

  • Note from 17/20,
  • Detectable = NO,
  • FREE = NO (but 1 week free test),
  • Deleteable = YES,
  • Dangerous for your phone = NO

Number 4: FlexiSpy

  • Rated 11/20
  • Detectable = NO,
  • FREE = NO,
  • Deleteable = YES ,
  • Dangerous for your phone = NO

Number 5: Hoverwatch

  • Score 11/20, Detectable = YES,
  • FREE = YES,
  • Deleteable = YES ,
  • Dangerous for your phone = NO

Number 6: Spyera

  • Score 10/20,
  • Detectable = NO,
  • FREE = NO, removable = YES ,
  • Dangerous for your phone = NO

Number 7: Mobile Spy 

    • Score 8/20,
    • Detectable = NO,
    • FREE = NO,
    • Deleteable = YES ,
    • Dangerous for your phone = NO

Number 8: Google FamilyLink 

  • Score 7/20,
  • Detectable = YES,
  • FREE = YES,
  • Deleteable = YES ,
  • Dangerous for your phone = NO

Other apps not tested

Here are 16 other applications we haven't tested, but they are also recommended for spying on a phone:

  1. iSpyoo software
  2. MobiStealth software
  3. Spyic software
  4. Spyier software
  5. SpyBubble software
  6. minspy
  7. XNSPY
  8. pcTattletale
  9. Clevguard
  10. spyfone
  11. Cocospy
  12. Spyzie
  13. Truth Spy App
  14. SpyHuman (human monitoring)
  15. Spy to Mobile
  16. Cerberus

Among these 24 software products, test our recommendations:

⏩Surveillance of a phone with Mpsy⏪

☑️Surveiller a phone with EyeZy☑️

The 2 best spy apps on this list in 2024 :

MSpy and Eyezy are the most popular spy apps among users in the long list above due to their convenience and their features.

Illustration of mSpy and eyeZy


Like other spy applications, Mspy lets you view a phone remotely to see :

  • Call history (incoming and outgoing) ;
  • The SMS phone calls and the game's messages on social networks that your target audience has exchanged with others ;
  • The phone locationwhich can remotely trigger a photo or video.

The app even controls keystrokesThis enables you to find out the password entered on your target's phone. This allows you to access all stored data and take screenshots.

Mspy lets you track someone's phone without their knowledge. What's more, this application has a "Special No Jailbreak" version that allows you to install it on your own phone. from a distance on your target audience's iPhone if you have the phone's iCloud login information to track.

And that's not all: it will alert you in the event of SIM card change of the cell phone. It also lets you format the target phone remotely (without direct manipulation).

It's not without reason that Mspy is the phone spy app the most used in the world. Indeed, it currently has more than two million users.

Explore its features and test it yourself:

⏮️Tester Mspy for phone monitoring secrètement⏭️


This spy application is particularly powerful when it comes to surveillance, whether for parental control or partner monitoring. The functions offered by EyeZy keep pace with the evolution of technology, ensuring undeniable effectiveness.

EyeZy spyware lets you know :

  • Who the person you are following called or who called him/her, and the time, the date and duration of each call by checking whether the contact has been added recently or not.
  • With this application, you can also monitor what's going on in your home. chat messages (WhatsApp) and text messages that your target audience exchanges with others. The same goes for the keystrokes and the game's visits to certain websites on Google.
  • With EyeZy, you have the possibility to take a screenshot of what's happening on the target phone. This app even lets you bloquer des jeux and apps on the device, which is useful if you are monitoring your children.

Want to explore its features and test it?

⏮️Tester Eyezy for phone spying secrètement⏭️

We've just looked at 24 applications, 8 of which have been tested and 16 untested. Mpsy and EyeZy stand out for their functionalities. These spy programs are compatible with both iPhone and Android. Which of these two programs is best suited to keeping an eye on your spouse's or children's cell phone?

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