How to hack family link?

Whether it's children or teenagers, Google's "Family Link" application allows parents to monitor and supervise them (even remotely), in particular by controlling the use of their digital devices and the duration of use of these devices. While this is a pretty useful solution for parents, it might feel a little too clunky, imprisoning for youngsters. Here are some tips kids can follow to go unnoticed by Family Link.

For parents, more than 90,000 children have deactivated Family Link thanks to this method, protect yours! 

However, it should be noted that Family Link is not perfect, for the simple reason that it is free. The problem with free software is thatthey do not protect and not are not updating because they bring in little or no money. The concern of Family Link is that a child can turn it off after 5 minutes. Therefore, parents who are really worried about their child's safety should use other tools. I will give you two that I have been able to test and which are reliable!

The two best software to protect your children:

🦾I protect my child with Mspy🦾

🕵️I watch my child with Eyezy🕵️

What is Family Link for?

Family Link gives parents access to a number of features, including:

  • Limit screen time maximum children on Android or ChromeOS devices;
  • Check where the Android device is online and in session;
  • Enable downloads and the purchases made on Google Play and Stadia, Where control what they can see based on their age.

How to bypass Family Link for a child?

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Several methods are applied depending on the case. This is one of the methods to find out how remove Family Link parental controls. For example, the Google Play app can be used:

  1. Open Google Play Store on android mobile.
  2. Press the 3 superimposed bars to access the account linked to the device.
  3. Enter menu Settings, and drag to Parental control.
  4. Parental control can be activated Where disabled from this section for each category (movies, applications and games, TV, music, books, etc.). Press merely on the front toggle button each option and enter the PIN code.

Parental controls in Family Link can also be disabled even without PIN code by clearing Google Play Store data. This will remove all parental control settings and browsing history without affecting downloaded content:

  1. Go to the settings mobile and click on Apps (Apps & notifications), then choose Google Play Store.
  2. To push on Storage and on Erase data.
  3. Enter new PIN code parental control to validate the deactivation of account management.
  4. To finish, uninstall the google family link app for total autonomy on the telephone.

Of course, Google allows also to children to remove Google Family Link of their accounts from the age of 13. So, if you want to monitor your child after the age of 13, you can get some software from below,

What is the best software to monitor your children?

To protect your children, we recommend the Mspy parental control software. It helps monitor everything your kids do on their phone, without them even knowing.

If you want to use Mspy to protect your children:

⏭️Test Mspy, impossible to remove

This software is undetectable and in addition, it allows you to block and of monitor what your kids are doing To protect them.

If you want to know more:

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  2. this app is really boring and shitty for me I can't do anything with my phone!!🤬 apps like that to flik people aren't even supposed to exist. Lots of tutorials on the Internet show how to delete and fortunately it is possible !!!

  3. Bottom to find the code you just have to find the code of your parent's email and authorize all the apps or if you don't have an unlimited app just unlock and letter the email

  4. Man alguém me diz como desbloquear isso!
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