In what order should you watch The Matrix?

"Matrix" isn't just a series of films; it's a revolution that has reshaped our vision of reality. From the day Thomas Anderson, a lone programmer, discovered his true identity as Neo, the savior of enslaved humanity, to the stunning return of Keanu Reeves in "Matrix Resurrections", every element of this epic franchise challenges our understanding of the world. But embarking on this labyrinthine adventure is not without its pitfalls. What's the best order in which to devour this iconic series? How do ancillary episodes like "Animatrix" or the video games enrich the main plot? In this comprehensive guide, we untangle the complex chronology of the Matrix, offering a clear itinerary through a story that has captivated millions. From simulated reality to battles against artificial intelligence, be prepared to question every aspect of what you've taken for granted. After all, in the Matrix universe, seeing isn't always believing.

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All you need to know about Matrix

Matrix, also known in Quebec as the Matrix, is an American-Australian film series. a must-see film. It is written and directed by the Wachowskis. The saga has also been developed into Animatrix shorts and several video games, including Enter the Matrix and The Matrix Online. The series comprises four films, including Matrix 1999, Matrix Reloaded 2003, Matrix Revolutions 2003 and Matrix Resurrections 2021.

In this film, the characters evolve in two universes: the real world and the matrix, a realistic virtual universe in which humans are trapped. To keep humans alive and productive, machines plug them into cocoons in the matrix to give them electricity.

Rebellious humans have broken free from their cocoons and formed an underground city called Zion. The freedom-imprinting machine uses their body's nervous systems to generate electricity. seeks to gain access to this city by any means necessary to destroy it.

All Matrix movies

Illustration from the Matrix movie
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Here is a list of all the films in the matrix franchise:

1. The Animatrix - "The Second Renaissance, Part I & II" (2003)

These sci-fi episodes offer an in-depth perspective on Morpheus' explanation of humanity's downfall in The Matrix. Set in 2090, humans have used artificial intelligence to satisfy all their needs, but this AI eventually rebels.

A nuclear war breaks out, but unfortunately for humans, robots, who had invaded all industrial sectors, develop superior war machines while controlling our resources. The situation gradually deteriorates, until the humans are wiped out. To maintain our captivity, our bodies are kept in metal cocoons, while our minds are immersed in a vivid, realistic recreation of the world as it was in the late 90s. This keeps us in ignorance of our true condition.

2. The Animatrix - "A detective's story" (2003)

Trinity's reputation when she first meets Neo is fully justified, as private investigator Ash discovers. Trinity is an elusive hacker, and anyone who has tried to track her down has met a grim fate. Despite the odds, Ash pursues her, getting caught up in shenanigans involving the dreaded Agents.

A dark ending reveals the harsh reality facing Trinity, Morpheus and the other humans in their struggle against the machines. For the dominating cybernetic powers, the human body has no value, and for some of them, the only option is to survive at any cost.

3. The Matrix (1999)

Neo (played by Keanu Reeves) enters the scene as the prophet announcing the end of the war. Trinity, Morpheus and the crew of the Nebuchadnezzar guide him, as they struggle to keep Agent Smith at bay.

Hesitant at first, Neo eventually accepts his destiny, learning to manipulate the code of the Matrix to his own liking, and thus performing one of the greatest acts in history. This action sci-fi film, directed by Lana and Lilly Wachowski, uses the power of cinema to blur the boundaries between the real and the possible, a feat that filmmakers are still trying to replicate.

4. The Animatrix - "Story of the child" (2003)

There's a link between "Matrix" and "Matrix Reloaded", where Neo and Trinity play a crucial role in awakening lonely teenager Kid to the reality of the world. However, the word "help" may be too strong, as Kid manages to free himself from the Matrix on his own, without explicit encouragement from those already freed.

This story illustrates the notion of finding kindred spirits and following our instincts when we deeply feel that something is not right in the world around us. It reminds us that transformation is always possible, and that others can play a catalytic role in this process.

5. The Animatrix - "Dernier Vol de l'Osiris" (2003)

Nothing in this franchise is done by halves. The action-adventure game "Enter the Matrix" not only covers an entire subplot of "Matrix Reloaded", but also presents the direct information Niobe receives at the start of the game.

The story follows the ship Osiris and its crew, who are attacked by sentinels. Trying to escape, they discover robots digging towards Sion, the last human city. Panicking and anticipating the worst, Thadeus and Jue make a last-ditch effort to warn the other rebels before being captured by the Sentinels. This story leaves no room for half-measures, and adds depth to the Matrix universe.

6. Matrix Reloaded (and Enter the Matrix) (2003)

Six months after the events of "The Matrix," the situation becomes critical as every residence in Zion receives the alarm that the Sentinels are drilling into their location. They have just three days to avert genocide. Neo is faced with the crucial task of finding the Source, a mission that leads him to meet the Keeper of the Keys and the Architect, and to discover why these events happened.

Tension mounts, lives are lost, Trinity is seriously injured, and Neo realizes that he is not the first Chosen One, but rather the sixth in a series of predecessors. New allies such as Niobe, Commander Lock, Ghost and others join Morpheus and the Nebuchadnezzar in the fight against the machines.

7. Matrix Revolutions (2003)

The final part of the trilogy reaches its climax when Neo and Agent Smith clash to determine the fate of the Matrix and mankind. Meanwhile, the people of Zion rise up against the impending darkness.

Finally, Neo makes the ultimate sacrifice to stop Smith, trading peace for closure. This gesture evokes parallels with the Jesus myth, adding an extra dimension to the story. The approach may seem ostentatious and certainly different from what viewers might expect from the Matrix franchise, but in retrospect, Matrix itself never followed the conventional path. The Wachowski sisters have always refused to conform to expectations, and that remains evident in this conclusion. An epilogue sows the seeds of what may come in "Matrix 4".

8. The Animatrix - "Au-Delà" (2003)

A short film, less directly linked to Neo's story, focuses on a group of children who discover strange anomalies in the Matrix. While searching for her cat, Yoko joins a group of youngsters having fun in an abandoned house, a place filled with unexplained physical distortions.

All seems normal until they enter a room filled with a multitude of rodents, where Yoko discovers an endless space hidden behind one of the doors. Agents intervene to clear the area and replace it with a parking lot. Another anomaly has been corrected, but this little band of children realize the truth about what's going on in the Matrix.

9. The Animatrix - "Matrixed" (2003)

Human scientists have been trying to turn the tide against the machines, exploring the daring idea of creating a "domestic Matrix" to imprison a robot's consciousness, in the hope of demonstrating a glimmer of hope for humanity. In "Matrixed," Alexa manages to make the experiment work, but all hope is dashed when the Sentinels launch a brutal attack on the laboratory.

This segment of the story could be reminiscent of an episode of the series "Black Mirror," highlighting the dark implications of technology and experimentation with artificial intelligence.

10. The Animatrix - "Programme" (2003)

In the Matrix universe, human cognition is put to the test to discern the real from the illusory. This requires training and trials, often involving emotional manipulation. During combat training in feudal Japan, Cis is confronted by a former partner, Duo, who claims to have hacked the program and invites her to join the Matrix. Faced with her refusal, Duo turns violent, forcing Cis to kill him. He then reveals that it was all a subterfuge to test her willingness to leave the real world.

11. The Animatrix - "World Record" (2003)

These short films, such as "World Record," appear to be stories preserved by the inhabitants of Zion, serving as warnings or strange anecdotes. According to this story, escaping the Matrix and escaping the Agents is possible for those who push back the limits imposed by their virtual prison.

In another segment, racer Dan Davis seeks to disprove allegations that he used performance-enhancing drugs by setting a new record. In the process, he overcomes the limits of his virtual reality, freeing himself from the Matrix. Although ultimately subdued by the Agents, Dan experienced truth and liberation. These stories fit into the timeline of the Matrix universe before "Matrix Resurrections."

12. Matrix Resurrections (2021)

In "Matrix Resurrections" (2021), Trinity is alive and Neo returns to the Matrix to save her. Morpheus and Agent Smith are also reincarnated. The Matrix exists as a cinematic work of art in this artificial universe. Neo and Trinity are recreated by the Analyst, a representative of the machines, so that he can study their design. Neo manages to free himself and sets out to do the same for Trinity. This quest for freedom has a more personal dimension, as the human beings now live in another city, Io.

How to watch Matrix?

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If you're unfamiliar with the Matrix films, you're probably wondering in what order to watch the movie to get into the swing of things. Here are several ways to watch it:

 Viewing order by release date

One of the best ways to watch matrix films is by relying on release dates. The order in which the release dates are displayed is as follows:

1. The 1999 matrix

This is the first film in the trilogy, starring Keanu Reeves as Thomas Anderson, who later becomes Neo. Neo learns that his life is not his own and that he lives through his thoughts, guided by a machine. Soon Morpheus and Trinity, played by Lawrence Fishburne and Carrie Ann Moss, take him out of his thoughts and into the real world, where they and other rebels must wage a war for humanity against the machines that are trying to control it.

2. Matrix reloaded 2003

"Matrix Reloaded is set six months after the events of the first Matrix film. The film's main characters find themselves facing an imminent attack on Zion while continuing their quest to find the Keymaker, a crucial figure who holds the key to accessing the source of the Matrix's virtual world."

3. The Matrix Revolutions (2003)

The Matrix Revolution immediately follows the timeline. Their group continues to fight Zion and Neo must find a way to defeat Agent Smith to save the world.

4. Resurrections of the Matrix (2021)

The Matrix Resurrections takes place 60 years after the revolution and follows Neo, who has become Mr. Anderson once again. He once again wonders if his reality is a construct. Neo and Trinity must reunite to defeat a Matrix far more powerful and deadly than ever before.

The chronological display order of the matrix

Another way to watch Matrix is in chronological order. Here is the chronological viewing order of this film:

  • The Animatrix: The Second Renaissance, Parts I and II
  • The Animatrix: a detective story
  • The matrix
  • The Animatrix: the child's story :
  • The Animatrix: Osiris' last flight:
  • Enter the matrix: game events
  • The reloaded matrix.
  • Matrix revolutions
  • The matrix: Neola's path online matrix :
  • The Animatrix: Beyond
  • The Animatrix: World record
  • The Animatrix: matrixed
  • L'Animatrix : Program
  • The matrix: resurrections

Where to watch Matrix?

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You can watch Matrix movies on Amazon prime video. They are also available on DVD, Blu-ray and on certain video-on-demand sites.

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