Is trading Haram?

Certain practices are forbidden in Islam, when they run counter to the principles imposed by Allah and the prophets. This is the case for the game Monopoly Go, which is considered Haram. Trading is also a controversial practice within the Muslim community. Is it haram or halal? Is it ideal or not in the Muslim religion? In this article, let's find out together whether trading is haram or halal.

Is trading Halal or Haram?

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Trading can be Haram and Halal at the same time. To avoid Haram trading, you need to understand Islamic finance, and the rules that enable you to deal with the Koran, the Sunna and the Sharia. Here are the fundamentals of Islamic trading for Halal trading:

  • Riba: which is also the profits generated by the loan and the loan financing. In line with the principles of Islamic trading, financial transactions must be must not be accompanied by payment or the reception of interest.
  • Immediate delivery for halal trading. In other words, the contract must entail immediate delivery and delete future transactions.
  • the risk sharing and profiles to ensure that transactions are transparent, and that all stakeholders share in the risks and rewards associated with the transaction.
  • No speculation.
  • As well as, no illicit investment Where amoral.

What are the special features of Islamic trading?

To trade Halal, Muslim traders must use a specific trading account without interest Where an Islamic account. This type of Trading does not involve swaps. It's also important to understand all the subtleties involved in choosing the right assets for halal investing. Indeed, certain markets and financial assets are Haram. It is therefore preferable toavoid instruments, them products where the overly risky assets and the game's companies where the assets who are not Islamically permissible speaking.

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