Is Monopoly go Haram in Islam?

Haram and halal are different terms in Islam: one refers to taboos, the other to permissible ones. There are some games that are forbidden in the Islamic world. Games that go against the principles imposed by Allah and the prophets. The question is, is Monopoly Go Haram in Islam? If you'd like to know a little more about the term Haram, discover what Haram means ? We'll answer them in this article.

Is Monopoly forbidden in Islam?

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Board games played with dice, such as Monopoly Go, are forbidden by Islam. To find out more about this game, discover What is Monopoly Go: Complete file on the game. Indeed, the Prophet said: "He who plays trictrac, Nardachir is as if he dipped his hand in the flesh of the pig and its blood" Muslim. Hadith emphasizes that: "He who plays trictrac has disobeyed Allah and His Messenger".

Other games that don't involve dice, but rather a good knowledge of vocabulary, such as Scrabble, are Halal, i.e. permitted under Sharia law. However, the general rules of Islam insist that they must not keep men so busy that they forget one of their obligations or spend too much time on them. Games must also not be accompanied by anything illicit.

What types of gambling are Haram in Islam?

There are a few types of game that are specifically forbidden in Islamic texts, including games with dice. Games fall into two categories:

  • Firstly, games that help jihad for the sake of Allah, whether physical jihad, i.e. combat, or verbal jihaa or knowledge, i.e. swimming, shooting, horse-riding, as well as games that involve the development of Islamic skills and knowledge, and so on.
  • As well as games that don't promote jihad.

Speaking of jihad, there are two games that do not contribute to jihad:

  • Games that are forbidden in the texts, such as dice games
  • Games that are neither prescribed nor prohibited by law

What types of games are neither prohibited nor prescribed by law?

There are two types of games that are neither prescribed nor forbidden in the texts:

  • Games that include something haram, in other words games that involve statues or images of living beings, accompanied by music.
  • Games that lead to disputes and conflicts between people that lead people to do something wrong. These are forbidden because of the haram consequences they lead to, or they are a means of obtaining something that is haram
  • Games that do not involve or lead to haram, such as soccer, volleyball, etc.

In short, there are games that are forbidden by Islam, including Monopoly Go. Monopoly is a game where you have to roll dice. These practices are forbidden by Islamic law.

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