List of dyes and dye Minecraft

In general, dyes and dyes commonly known as: dyes are objects used to color and dye various objects and creatures. They can be used for different purposes: customize banners, make colored concrete powder, change the color of wool, beds, glass, terracotta, leather armor pieces, etc. We are going to reveal to you through this guide a list of Minecraft colorants and dyes.

Primary dyes

In the case of primary dyes, they are obtained from elements found in nature. Below is a summary table of primary dyes:

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Gray dyes

There are also other dyes, gray dyes, below is a summary of the dyes:

Last name Ingredients Manufacturing
Bone powder Bone Mix bone and bone meal to get a gray dye
Bone powder bone block Mix bone blocks and bone powder to get dyes
red dye Poppy Mix red dye and poppy
red dye rosebush Mix the red dye and the rosebush.
red dye red tulip Mix red dye and red tulip
red dye Beet Mix red dye and beetroot
yellow dye Dandelion or sunflower Mix the yellow dye and the ingredients
Brown dye Cocoa bean Mix the tincture and the cocoa bean.


In addition to knowing the different dyes, it is also important to know the uses of dyes. Those that allow coloring, dyeing. Also the use of the ink bag, cocoa beans, bone meal, lapis lazuli.

Colored concrete powder

To make powdered concrete you will need sand, gravel and even stain. To do this, you need to line them up on the board. However, the location of the ingredients in the workbench does not matter. The main thing is that each ingredient is well placed.

Color the terracotta

To color terracotta, you will need terracotta and an even dye. You must combine all the ingredients to have a colored Terracotta.

Color Shulker Boxes

To dye Shulker Boxes, you will need Shulker Box, or any colored Shulker Box and the same dye. These ingredients will provide you with nicely colored Shulker boxes.

Other features are also available on Minecraft to allow colorants and dyes to be used in Minecraft correctly. These pipes will help you mount your hideouts properly in Minecraft. Try new experiences.


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