List of the best seeds in the world Minecraft

The world of Minecraft, one of the most-played video games in the world, generates unique seed when you start creating a world. These seeds are the fruits of a chain of random numbers. This allows you to do a number of things, including: dig into your hands, discover a whole host of resources, explore various biomes, discover terrain oddities and more. Thanks to the recent release of version 1.2 of Minecraft, it's likely that you've come back to the Mojang game. To keep you informed, check out our selection of the best seeds to use in Minecraft.

Illustration of the Minecraft game
Image to illustrate the game Minecraft

Jungle Badlands Lake Seed: 2708796073494809055

You'll see a lake surrounded by jungle and badlands. Take the opportunity to try out the new bamboo blocks and build your fortress around this lake. Apart from the lake, desert, badlands and sparse jungle biomes await you. Combine these with various villages, portals and temples, and you've got a incredible seed of survival for Minecraft 1.20.

Seed of the Myriad of Plains: 2508483133797434456

This Minecraft seed takes you to a large expanse of plains which includes forests and even a cherry hill. As you climb the cherry hill, you'll come to a nearby village with a ruined gate at its side.

The strange thing is that the villagers are so calm and don't seem to care what lies beyond the portal. Enter the ruined portal to enter a fortress where withered skeletons and fires await you.

Survival Biome Seed: -8985846748452277621

This seed allows you to play for the long term. The Survival Biome Seed features all the biomes you need, including the new cherry blossom biome in the middle. You'll find a forest of badlands to the left of the cherry blossom biome and snowy plains to the right.

This seed also features numerous neighboring villages as well as bamboo jungles in temple fields and mushroom fields. You can build a house with a panoramic view, thanks to the many aesthetic zones it contains.

Village Manor Seed: 36674918975

This seed is recommended for the beginning and end of the game. It will appear next to a small village with a wooded manor house in the middle, offering :

  • Immediate shelter;
  • Food;
  • And a business potential with the villagers.

The surrounding birch forest and pine taiga are a delight to explore. rich in resourcesThey can provide you with enough wood to build your first tools.

In the final stages of your game in Minecraft 1.2, the forest mansion can give you a certain boost thanks to :

  • His precious booty;
  • Powerful equipment
  • And his enchanted books.

You can also use it as a base or as storage space.

Field of cherry blossoms seed: 91276453817984294

This 1.20 seed takes you straight into a forest of cherry blossom. This is your chance to enjoy the new biome and explore the huge cave system beneath Cherry Hill. Crossing the hill, you'll discover a small village.

In Minecraft 1.2, seeds can be used to generate a specific type of world, grow wheat crops and much more. Which world would you like to generate? To ride horses, mules and pigs through villages in peace, find out how... make a saddle on minecraft.

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