Test and Opinion on the Enlisted game.


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Test and Opinion on the Enlisted game.

For those who want to download the game with bonuses while you read the article: Download Enlisted for Free

Enlisted is played on which platform?

Enlisted can be played on PC as well as on Sony's Playstation console and Microsoft's Xbox with the X series and the one for controller players.
For those who want to install it on PC I advise you to take this link to start with squad bonuses: Download Enlisted Free with Bonus
For my part, I played it on PC.

My Enlisted reviews about the game is that it's really good for letting off steam!

My test and opinion on the free game Enlisted?

I tested the game and played it for several hours on stream. The game is really good, the only concern will be the progress on the game which is really long. To build your squad takes time and they quickly offer a purchase in euros to move quickly (which I don't do). But it is completely free otherwise so I advise you to test it Download Enlisted for Free.
For those who want to know I played gaijin's Enlisted on PC. I haven't played Xbox for a long time (not Series X I was on 360). From what I see it is available on the Microsoft Game Pass dictionary when it is free basic. The game is available on PS4 but I advise you and my opinion is to play it on PC! It is much more optimized to play it on PC.

Will I make a guide on Enlisted?

I will surely make a guide to help new players on the game. But I don't really see what I could put, maybe the maps of each battle, the content for the guide is quite vague but if you have questions about your experience in game I take, especially the questions of the less veterans. I could do a translation of news about the game, especially the patch-notes. For those on Sony's Playstation console and Microsoft's Xbox one, I think everything will be translated, but on PC a lot of games don't translate the patch notes during an announcement.
Then I can already give you some advice. Do not play with the joystick, the joystick is much less precise than the mouse keyboard for those on PC. But hey, all PC gamers will say that a keyboard-mouse player aims better than a controller guy.
For those who are starting out, play with your friends, try to play in a squad. Watch some video to see a bit of the game, choose your army well. End for a guide it's going to be a lot depending on your gameplay, the goal is not to force you to play a weapon, some male soldiers rather than others. In many games, you also have to know how to choose your content (type of weapon and soldier and squads) all veterans will tell you.
To take your time to level up, to do your campaigns quietly, the game is not in a hurry

Brouce's game test:

Cooperation in the midst of battle.

Even if Enlisted is intended to be a nervous and adrenaline-filled game, it is also intended to be cooperative, with the possibility of carrying out artillery and mortar strikes via pings on the map, the creation of anti-aircraft and anti-tank defenses thanks to the engineer soldier, while guaranteeing perfect assault efficiency, in particular thanks to the presence of flamethrowers, grenade launchers, snipers, machine guns and so on, allowing the player to compose the units as he sees fit by unlocking the necessary points in each of the talent trees, then to deploy on the ground with these same units. As you will have understood, Enlisted is a very complete game, and we could make an hour and a half video to show and develop each element of the game that makes it rather unique. But to do that would be to hide one of the game's biggest problems, and I'll give it to you in three words. PAY. TO. FAST.

His Conclusion and Opinion on Enlisted:

Fortunately, the Pay To Fast side (in-game purchase) does not affect Enlisted enormously, the game having strong enough qualities to override and enjoy new bluffing battles in FPS, I announce that it is a safe bet that , once out of its beta, the game is installed for several years on our home consoles (Sony and Xbox) and PC like War Thunder and Crossout. To conclude, I would say that Enlisted is the perfect game to kill time and satisfy your adrenaline cravings, especially for veterans, while waiting for the next Battlefield (FPS) which I'm sure will send us back to some nice theaters of world war.

So go try the experience on this free online World War II MMO! I will guide you: Download Enlisted for Free

Game Information Enlisted

Game release date: March 2, 2021 (non-beta version)
Published by Gaijin, the publisher of the games War Thunder and Crossout (war army) among others, Enlisted is an MMO FPS multiplayer online first-person war (shooter), released on PC but also available on PS5 (consoles from Sony Playstation) and Xbox Series X and one (Microsoft consoles) =. The game then takes place during World War II with several famous campaigns from that period, including the Battle of Moscow and the Invasion of Normandy. Russians, Americans, Germans, the factions (team) are currently three in number and each of the factions has their own weapons, campaign, battalions of men and soldiers, making each player unique and allowing quite extensive customization of the latter, ranging from the choice of the assets of each of the soldiers to the composition of the weapons, army and soldiers, grenades, squad of soldiers and roles of the units.

There are 2 battle modes:
– the first multiplayer campaign mode, you are a squad, if you die you can take a character behind you. (Your unit streak)
– the second campaign multiplayer mode, you are alone if you die you have to respawn at the start.
After each game you gain experience and a soldier level according to your number of points in the game, to improve your team. You can buy upgrades. The title allows you to participate in historical battles (Normandy for example). It is even said that in a future version of the title, there will be new historical battles.


I will guide you: Download Enlisted for Free

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