The Healing Potion - Utility and Crafting

[Tuto Minecraft] Healing Potion, how to make a healing potion?

1) What is the use of the healing potion?

The healing potion restores your life. The level I potion restores you 2 courses and the level II potion restores you 4 hearts.

2) How do you make the healing potion?

First of all, you will need vials.

Item needed to craft them: 3 glasses (use a workbench)

Here's how to arrange them to get them: craft vial

Well, now that you have your vials, you're also going to need a still. This item allows you to make all the potions you want! Without this still, you cannot make your potions on your own.

Items needed to craft it: 3 stones and 1 blaze stick (to get a blaze stick, you need to kill blazes.)

Here's how to arrange the items to get it.Craft Still

Now you can put your still in your base. Right-click to open the still interface. It is in this interface that you will create your potion(s). Because yes, it is possible to create up to 3 potions at the same time! Don't forget to fill your vials with water.


Now let's get to creating your healing potion level I:

Items needed to craft it: 1 nether wart and 1 slice of sparkling watermelon (excluding potion: 1 blaze powder)

You must go to the interface of the still created previously.

You should know that you need a fuel, which is the famous blaze powder, in order to feed your still. Place it as in the image below:blaze powder

Help: Here's how to craft a Sparkling Watermelon Slice:Craft Sparkling Watermelon

Alright, now follow these steps:

  • Put the vial of water and the nether wart:

Wart Alembic

  • Add the slice of sparkling watermelon:

Sparkling Watermelon

You now have a level I healing potion.

To create a healing potion level II, add Luminous Powder to Level I Healing Potion:luminous powder

If you want to throw your potion and not drink it, add a gunpowder.

If you have any problem, ask your question in the comments.

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