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Tips and Tutorial to get off to a good start on Hay Day.

Hay day is a farm management game. In this game you will have to take care of several things: first, you will have to manage crops, animals and machines; then, as the game progresses, you will have to manage more things such as boats, fishing and the valley.

One of the first tips I could give is not to level up too fast, because you're going to have to buy more and more expensive machines pretty quickly and you risk running out of resources and getting stuck.

One VERY important thing is to not hesitate to ask for help. The game has a help system that allows you to ask other players for help. All you have to do is add a help panel where you need it (dead tree, billboard, boats) to be able to benefit from help. You pass in the newspaper so sell something in your shop.

Image illustration of a beginner's tip from Hay Day
Screen of the game to talk about the first tip to play better on Hay Day and where to press the "Ask for help" button.


Another little advice, think about going to see Greg every day. Greg is the basic neighbor who sells new things every day that can come in very handy.

Illustration of a second tip for the Hay Day game
Screen the game to talk about the second tip for playing better on Hay Day and where to go to see Greg daily.

At the beginning of the game, planting wheat and corn to sell it at a low price is something very practical in order to have money and materials in order to expand the barn and the silo. However, be careful not to mass produce so as not to block the stall for sale and also for harvesting.


Fostering animals as well as producing food for them (which will create fried eggs, cheese) is a great way to earn money that you can reinvest.


As you progress, you will unlock ships (at level 17). They are an effective way to earn experience and money. The boat arrives 4 hours after the departure of the previous one. You therefore have 4 hours to prepare the order for the boat, but don't panic, after its arrival, you still have between 3 to 5 pm to fill it out and send it back.

(Tips: you can return empty ships if you don't have the resources, but be aware that if you complete a crate, you will have to wait for the departure or fill it completely)


At level 10, you will be able to join a neighborhood (clan), which will allow you to chat with them, but also to ask them for items via a special panel or which are on sale in their stalls. You can also ask them for additional help in these places: your boats and billboards.

Illustration of an ingenious tip on Hay Day
Screen the game to talk about the third tip for playing better on Hay Day and where you need to join a neighborhood.

At level 20, you will have the derbies. I advise you not to jump into it too quickly, especially if your neighborhood is at a high level. What is the derby will you tell me? It is a team competition that lasts a week (from Tuesday to Monday, from 9 or 10 am depending on summer time or winter time). You will first have to complete a number of tasks depending on the rank of your team (there are different tasks: plantation, truck, boat, etc.) that you will have a hard time managing at the start of the game.


In a recent update, chicks were added (unlockable at level 11). By doing small tasks (3/days or 3/weeks), you can unlock reward levels (experience, money, etc.).

Illustration of a useful tip (coming soon) on Hay Day
Screen the game to talk about the fourth tip for playing better on Hay Day and where you can unlock (coming soon) reward tiers.
Illustration of a useful tip (coming soon) on Hay Day
Screen the game to talk about the fourth tip for playing better on Hay Day and where you can unlock (coming soon) reward tiers.

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