Top 5 best AI Girlfriend sites

AI is a field that allows you to generate your Girlfriend. Today, several sites allow you to generate AI girlfriend. Most of them can be 100 % online free. There are even AI applications that offer chatbots to simulate a conversation with your virtual girlfriend. In this article, let's discover together the top 5 best AI Girlfriend sites. There are also other sites that allow you to remove the clothes from your photos. Find out more in our article the top 6 undress ai sites.

ChatBOT name NSFW level Platform Score out of 5 Main Features 10/10 Website 5 Chat sexting, nude, voice, character creation (whatever you want)
DreamGF 7/10 Website 4 Character creation (girlfriend type) 8/10 Website 4 Undress any photo
SoulGen 9/10 Website 4 Uncensored conversation with your girlfriend
Promptchan AI 6/10 Website 3 Generate ia pornography


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Top 1 : is an application that lets you create a virtual girlfriend. It has several features to meet your criteria and fantasies. Here's what the site has to offer:

  • AI to generate a virtual girlfriend based on her looks, personality, and the nature of the relationship
  • The ability to send text and voice messages
  • Uncensored chats
  • On-demand image generation
  • Several realistic models
  • Generating new girlfriends every week

Here's what sets the site apart:

  • Sending voice messages
  • The ease of use of the site, and the ability to customize your girlfriend's look, feel and personality.
  • A real language function to simulate human behavior
  • Real girlfriends.

Today, over 50,000 girlfriends are generated on Used by over 300,000 users worldwide in just 6 months. What's more, the girlfriend generator is underway.

Test's best features:

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Top 2 : DreamGF AI

Create and chat with the virtual girlfriends of your dreams with DreamGF AI. You can interact with AI-generated characters for personalized content based on your wildest fantasies. It's possible to create a virtual girlfriend by imposing: the character, clothes, tattoos, facial proportions and so on. In addition to chatting and sharing information, you'll also be able to generate photos with different outfits and nude shots. Here are the main features of DreamGF AI:

  • AI girlfriend creation to create ideal virtual AI girlfriends with unique personalities and histories
  • Interactive chats for immersive conversations with your girlfriends
  • Voice chat function
  • Customized content on demand
  • User-friendly interface
  • Confidential, private and secure conversation
  • Free trial, with no upfront costs for a risk-free experience.

Generate your dream girlfriend:

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Top 3: is a site that lets you remove clothing from an image. You can choose your age, body type and image quality to obtain a quality rendering. At present, there are no age restrictions for using the application. Here are the main features of

  • A free application if you don't have the budget to pay for paid AI applications
  • Personalization options to choose: age, body type, image quality, etc.
  • Fast results
  • As well as NSFW AI Art Generation in just a few seconds to create adult content.

Select the photo of your choice and :

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Top 4 : SoulGen

SoulGen, on the other hand, is an image generation tool that can create realistic or animated images. The best alternative to Undress. Here are SoulGen's main features:

  • NSFW Image Generator: an AI-generated virtual girlfriend tool to create your soulmate based on the text and tags you've entered
  • Customization options to create unique, personalized images. You can also specify the appearance, interests and interactions between virtual girlfriends.
  • Rapid image generation
  • A user-friendly interface.

Find your soul mate with SoulGen :

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If you'd like to find out more about SoulGen, let's discover together in this guide Soulgen NSFW: AI girl generator.

Top 5 : Promptchan AI

Promptchan AI is a free tool that enables users to create realistic, artistic, uncensored images and art. The tool uses the deep neural network model to generate images that are based on natural language descriptions. The tool also offers styles and filters, including: anime, sketch, watercolor, paint, etc.

Here are the main features of Promptchan AI :

  • Private AI generation for greater confidentiality and privacy
  • Uncensored AI image generation and fully NSFW adult content
  • The mobile NSFW generator function for generating photos anywhere
  • The fast NSFW generation.

Ready to create an image with Promptchan AI :

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Would you like to generate your own virtual girlfriend thanks to AI? Have you tried any of these apps? Share your experience with us in comments.

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