What are turtle shells for in Minecraft?

In English, the turtle shell is also called “Turtle shell”. It is an object that can be used as a helmet in Minecraft. Turtle shells give the player the Apnea effect as an ingredient in a potion. In addition to all of these uses, Turtle Shell can be a valuable item in Minecraft. Find out the details on the uses of turtle shells in Minecraft.

Image turtle shells in Minecraft

What are the uses of turtle shells?

As mentioned above, if a player wears a turtle shell on their head while out of water or in a bubble column, the player will receive the Apnea effect for 10 seconds. Additionally, this effect will not wear off until the player goes underwater. As a result, the player gains 10 additional seconds of breathing underwater.

Other uses of turtle shells is that it serves as a helmet. The latter provides 2 points of armor. So 8 % of damage caused by the player during a game will be absorbed by the helmet. By the way, turtle shells have over 276 durability. It's more functionality than any type of leather, gold, mail, and even iron armor. However, it is less than diamond and netherite armor.

It should be noted that turtle shells are made by assembling several turtles. They therefore have the power of the turtle. The player then:

  • Wear it on the head like a helmet in order to benefit from a small protection of an armor point.
  • You can also use it to craft a Turtle Master Potion. The latter brings resistance and slowness.

Gain over 10 seconds underwater by using turtle shells in Minecraft.


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