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Smileys or emojis are none other than small faces, characters, hearts or different symbols that offer us help in expressing feelings or simply expressing joy, discontent, sadness,... many people who do the written conversation on the phone do not know the difference between them and even their meaning. The face and emotion smiley is often the most used during a discussion, especially the expressionless face. This face emoticon is a kind of complementary expression.

In this feature, we're going to focus on the expressionless face😑 emoji. Discover here the meanings, uses of this emoji as well as everything there is to know about this emoji!

Image of this "expressionless face" smiley: easy to spot

As of 2012, the expressionless smiley face has been approved for written discussions. It's part of the faces & emotions category. It increasingly resembles the neutral face emoji. The only difference is eyes closed.

L'lack of expression which is easy to recognize from the face, is marked by the very wrinkled shape of the eyes, and by the elongated line designating the mouth. The base of this emoji is equivalent to " no comment ". Quite the opposite of some smileys that vary from platform to platform, the expressionless face is relatively unchanged from platform to platform, as it's just a yellow circle with 3 horizontal stitches.

Origin of this smiley

It's quite possible that the expressionless face smiley was inspired by Japanese cartoons, which in some cases depict characters with lines drawn supposedly to show neutral expressions. It's the ideal emoji if you want to remain totally neutral in a conflict.

For example, your friends get into a fight. Now they want to know who's in the wrong. By using this emoji alone, it's enough to say that you want to remain neutral about everything, but adding text such as "no opinionit looks more expressive.

One wonders whether this smiley could express a disagreement. So it might be a better option if you respond to information from that you are not granted. Let's say your friend tells you that your favorite actor's new movie is a bit disappointing. You can serve only the expressionless face to prove that you don't agree with this statement.

expressionless face

Using the expressionless smiley face

  • One person frustrated or you so annoying you're at a loss for words? This expressionless face emoji is the perfect way to express yourself!
  • In fact, if you also experienceextreme boredom, l'indifference, drowsiness Where another state of mind that doesn't imply strong emotions or feelings, this expressionless face emoji is just what you need.

For example, it can be used as a refusal symbol for further discussion or don't want leave a comment on something, whether it's good or bad because of its lack of words.

Here's an example: 

  • "What do you want me to say 😑?"
  • Sometimes it is used as a a sign of being really tired of not having the energy for the same, expressing no emotion.

And here are some of the meanings of the expressionless face emoji. You can use it in your next conversations when words escape you, when you don't want to react or when someone annoys you... How about discovering the meanings of other smileys too, such as the smiley face without a mouth 😶, the smiley sourire joue rouge 😊 ou encore the blasé smiley 😒 ?

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