What is the meaning of the smiley face 😶‍🌫️?

Smileys are becoming essential in our various chat or message discussions. However, we do not always understand their meanings and even less their use. However, emojis make it possible to express certain expressions that cannot be written. They also help our interlocutors to understand us better. In short, they are useful for making messages clear, more dynamic and more understandable.

In this feature, we're going to reveal the meaning of the smiley face in the clouds 😶‍🌫️! It's true, it's a bit difficult to decipher the meanings of this particular smiley, but with the help of Alucare.fr, you'll be able to know the meanings of this emoji!

Meaning of smiley face without mouth surrounded by clouds

The mass which floats or rather, which envelops the mouthless yellow face has not been determined or defined by its creator. It looks like a cloud, but could also be smoke or fog. On platforms, this mass also looks like an airflow, however, quite thick, covering the entire bottom, as well as the top of the face. This allows only glimpses of round eyes.

From a simple point of view, the most credulous interpretation is that the pictogram represents a character with his head in the clouds. This smiley is a combination of the mouthless face emoji 😶 and fog.

  • However, it can just as easily represent a puzzled character Where still mysterious.
  • In another sense, it can also mean that we hide. This is accentuated by the presence of smoke, clouds or fog. Cloud thickness is displayed according to platform.

Emoji in the clouds

scrambled mind

The smiley with his face hidden in the clouds may show a cloudy mind. mental confusionor a state of overflow. In some cases, such as when we need to make a decision but feel distracted, this emoji can express that too.

In a way, when we feel overwhelmed by events or when circumstances prevent us from seeing clearly, it can also be useful. To indicate a person distracted Where easily dispersed, whether voluntary or not, this emoji can express it just as clearly.

Abstract and real

In addition to expressing a person's condition, this pictogram also relates illogical, unreal factswhich are purely imaginative. To show that an idea is inconsistentthis symbol fits perfectly.

However, to emphasize the sense of creativity and/or expression, it may indicate theoriginality of an idea. It can also represent the dream or what we consider to be chimera.

For those who know a state of dizziness or who forget things easily so this emoji is very appropriate. To show that you're lost in thought or a person is in this situation, the smiley face lost in the clouds is the perfect way to describe it.

A new, trendy emoji

Among the emojis that are quite recent, that is, those that have appeared in the last two years, we have the one with its head in the clouds. Added before the end of 2022, it is among the 13.1 smileys. Some apps do not yet show the compacted emoji. Therefore, to use it, you must use two different symbols to convey the message: the smiley face without a mouth and the one representing a cloud (😶‍🌫️). This is the pictogram that is all the rage on some applications, especially on Apple devices.

In short, these are some of the meanings of the smiley face in the clouds 😶‍🌫️. Next time, depending on the context, you'll easily be able to understand the hidden meaning of this emoji!

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