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Emoji, smiley, emoticon - these are just some of the words used to describe the symbols that have become indispensable in the world of texting and SMS!

In fact, the concept aims to show different faces during a message conversation, or to show a person's point of view on a situation. According to user experience and a survey carried out on a number of users, smileys or emojis make the exchange of messages more pleasant. more dynamic and human. From faceless emojis to most expressive emojisTo set the tone of a text and avoid misunderstandings, it has become necessary to use these various emojis or smileys.

In this article, we explore the meaning of the cold blue face emoji 🥶. We'll reveal the meanings of this emoji, the different uses and possible combinations with this emoji.

Meaning of 🥶 Cool Blue Face Emoji

This is a blue face with clenched teeth or snowflakes on the face, signifying cold shivers.

  • He can express feelings of coldness as well as many inner feelings like chills, inaccessible or unpopular jokes.
  • The cold face emoji (cold blue) belongs to the category of emoticons that represent disease symptoms, of the temporary health problems or some situations that cause unpleasant sensations.
  • This emoji is represented in blue, a common symbol of the cold stress (❄️).
  • The impression given by this emoji is reinforced by the presence of stalactites embedded in different parts of the face (the location of which varies depending on the messenger) and by the tight, very bulging jaws that mimic teeth chattering due to the cold.

Semiotically, this emoji is the antonym of l'fever face emoji.

🥶 Using the frozen face smiley (cold blue)

  • In the literal sense, it is used to express the feeling of discomfort associated with extremely low temperatures.
  • Figuratively, it can be used to indicate a feeling associated with fear, then replacing words such as "to be frozen with fear", "to be cold in the back".
  • Indeed, symptoms associated with cold are often presented in the same questions as feelings. associated with fear.
  • This emoji can also suggest a state of fear (petrification) andimmobility to cope with the most distressing situations.

Other names:

  • icy face emoji
  • frozen face emoji
  • frozen face emoji
  • cold face emoji
  • cold face emoji
  • teeth chattering emoji
  • frostbite emoji
  • petrified emoji

This symbol is one of the so-called Unicodes.

🥶 Cool blue face associated with different devices

Appearances of cool blue face emojis may be different on existing platforms. Any developer of web services, operating systems or gadgets can design emojis according to its own style and its own vision, according to the request and the needs of the company. It is then possible to customize these symbols.

In short, the meaning of the emoji symbol 🥶 represents a cold, blue face. It's related to cold, frostbite, ice. And it can be found in the emoji category: "😂 Smileys & Emotions" - "🤧 suffering face". So, you know all about the meaning of the 🥶 smiley, now it's up to you to use it in your message chat.

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