What does Fulfilled by Amazon mean?


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These days, Amazon is everywhere, its ads scrolling across your screen as soon as you log on to the Internet, its logo appearing on movie jackets. Its place on the world market is undeniably deserved, given the highly successful sales and approach system adopted by the great Jeff Bezos.

As your belly site expands, more functions are added to it according to your sales policy. Among the terms used by Amazon, in this article we'll find out what "shipped by Amazon" means.

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What does "Fulfilled by Amazon" mean?

It's important to know that most items sold by Amazon are not purchased at Amazon. How come? Well, suppliers take advantage of the audience and scale of the Amazon site and place their products on the site. To be precise, Amazon's products only make up 20 % of the products offered on its site, because without counting the small gadgets available, its own products only number 12 million, while 350 million others are presented there.

To put it simply, items sold with the words "shipped by Amazon" are are not Amazon productsHowever, the policy is as follows:

  • Amazon takes care of all customer processing after the order has been finalized, including parcel preparation and delivery.
  • Amazon takes care of inventory management, accounting and even after-sales services.
  • From a global perspective, Amazon is becoming a kind of virtual showcaseSo if you pick up an item that says "shipped by Amazon" next to it, you can be sure that it's not Amazon.

These suppliers will have the chance to sell their products as quickly as possible. By having these marketplace sellers, Amazon profits from their sales using small product placement percentages and miscellaneous fees based on its agreement with these external suppliers. Thus, thehe words "shipped by Amazon" or "Fulfilled by Amazon" (FBA) are displayed right next to some of the products offered on the Amazon site. You may be used to overlooking this when making your purchase, but now you know it's an important detail to be aware of.

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Products marked "Shipped by Amazon": Who sends the invoice?

When you make a purchase on the Amazon.com.be marketplace, your contact is not Amazon.com.be, but the seller. That's why it has all the information about your order, and is responsible for sending the invoice to your billing address.

Don't hesitate to contact Amazon's customer service so that they in turn can contact the seller if you haven't received the invoice.

Advantages and disadvantages of the "Amazon ships" service:

Like many services, the FBA service has both advantages and disadvantages that you should be aware of before opting for products shipped by Amazon :


  • This service enables sellers to reduce expensesboth in the HANDS OF WORK than in the management of time because Amazon takes care of delivery. In addition, Amazon takes care of after-sales services, etc.
  • A wider audience Amazon has a large customer base, so products with this label can certainly reach a wide audience.
  • Fast shipping thanks to Premium platform serviceproducts are delivered faster.


  • There are a lot of items with this mention on Amazon. Hence, despite the advantages, you will be exposed to a some competition on the platform.
  • Although these are your products, you'll be building a loyal community that will be loyal to Amazon rather than to you.
  • No matter what product you want to sell, the storage costs can be high.

In short, these are all the things you need to know about Amazon shipping. To improve your experience, feel free to weigh up the pros and cons.

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