Why is the superhero Hulk called Hulk?

Hulk is one of main Marvel characters. First seen in comic books, this hero is one of the strongest in the world. MCU. Imposing, brutal and robust, the Hulk destroys everything in his path with superhuman power.

In the Hulk films, he was originally a physicist. Following an experiment gone wrong, an accident exposed him to gamma rays. The effect of this exposure would later transform him into the Hulk when in the grip of anger. At first, the green monster is uncontrollable, but over time, the Hulk's host gradually learns to manage this power.

In Avengers, the Black Widow will be a great help in calming the Green Titan when things get out of hand. But what do we really know about the Hulk? Who is the man behind this super-powered being? Take your seats, because we're going to tell you all about the Hulk!

Where does the name Hulk come from?

With the popularity of Marvel movies, many people have an image in their head as soon as they hear the word "Hulk", without knowing what it really means. The Hulk's name is no accident. The Hulk's origins can be found in the comicswhich were later adapted for the cinema.

The first works mention the accidental presence ofa journalist named McGeewho gave the name "Incredible Hulk" when he thought he had visual evidence of the Hulk's murder of Banner's colleague Elaina. Since the Green Titan didn't take the time to explain himself - speech isn't his strong point, by the way - he simply ran away.

Image of the Hulk in Avengers
Representative image of the Hulk in Avengers. Source : Alucare.fr.


But the character's real name goes back to Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, their creators. The word Hulk means colossus, mastodon Where gross in English. Cartoonist Jack Kirby wanted to create a character with such imposing musculature that even bodybuilders would be jealous. The name implies unlimited strength and an extremely muscular build.

How did the Hulk become the Hulk?

In both the comics and the Marvel films, the Hulk's origin is illustrated in the same way. The character was originally a nuclear physicist. He has a painful past, and the traumas of his childhood gnaw at him in silence. He is one of the list of Marvel superheroes.

One day, during an experiment in his laboratory, an unusual accident occurs. The physicist has exposed himself to high levels of radiation. Under the effect of his angerits fears and radiationthe scientist is transformed into a gigantic green creature with super-powerful strength, wreaking havoc on everything in its path.

What's the Hulk's name in human?

The man behind those tons of green muscle is the Dr Robert Bruce Banner, Where Bruce Banner as he's commonly known. He is the son of Brian Banneratomic physicist, and Rebeccaa housewife. Bruce was close to his mother. She was affectionate and caring. His alcoholic father was full of rage and jealousy towards his son, thinking that Rebecca was only interested in his son.

In fact, he would have had to stop drinking to avoid this stupid idea, or at least drink in moderation! Not only that, he's even convinced that his own son was a mutant, simply because of his work with atoms. Brian Banner would have gladly earned the title of worst father by being both paranoid and alcoholic. Because of his character, young Bruce suffered traumas related to : 

  • Her father's violence;
  • The loss of his mother, murdered by his own father;
  • Her father's internment in a psychiatric institution, etc.
Image showing Dr Banner and Hulk
Illustration of Dr. Bruce Banner and the Hulk. Source : Alucare.fr.


Taken in by his aunt, Susan BannerBruce was raised with a great deal of love and care. His aunt understood his pain and did her best to educate her nephew in the right path. Bruce was a little nerd and managed to get his first degree in nuclear physics at science high school in Najavo, New Mexico.

Determined and grown-up, the Bruce went on to obtain a doctorate in nuclear physics at the California Institute of Technology. He holds a position at the U.S. Department of Defense's Nuclear Research Center, where he studied the "gamma bomb", which is where the incident occurred and where he became the Hulk, one of Marvel's strongest superheroes.

What's the name of the first Hulk?

The first adaptation of the Hulk on screen dates back to 1977. the first Hulkor at least the actor who played the role, was Lou Ferrignoone hell of a bodybuilder. Did you know that Arnold Schwarzenegger wanted to play the role, but he wasn't tall enough for Lou Ferrigno? Just goes to show that, in some cases, size does matter! 

Over the years superhero moviesThanks to the evolution of imaging technology, it was no longer necessary to be muscular to become the Hulk. The list includes: 

  • Eric Bana in the film released in 2003;
  • Edward Norton in The Incredible Hulk (2008);
  • And Mark Ruffalo in the 2012 Avengers film.

From, Mark Ruffalo has become the Hulk of today, and his career continues. But the future certainly holds new actors, and we hope that the Hulk legend will live on.

Who created the Hulk?

Hulk is the work of Stan Lee and of Jack Kirby. Stan Lee always wrote the scripts, while Jack Kirby drew the pictures. The Hulk could have been a womanas Jack Kirby himself put it. He was inspired by the idea of a mother trying to save her child under a car. Driven by desperation, she displays superhuman strength. It was on this basis that his creator created an extremely powerful character, fueled by anger and stress.

Another anecdote may surprise you. In the early days of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby's work, The Hulk was gray. With the color green so ingrained in popular culture, it's hard to imagine him in this hue. As the character was not a success at the time, the designer opted for green, a brighter color that was easier to reproduce. Thus was born the green Titan we know today.

The Hulk is the second film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. You'll find him in 23 films. He is one of the characters who have left their mark on this saga. But what about female characters in Marvel ? We've put together a guide just for you.

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