Are Bitmojis Haram?

Bitmojis are personalized emojis. You can personalize them as much as you like. Are Bitmojis Haram in Islam? Read our article to find out.

Are Bitmojis Haram?

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  • If the Bitmojis has eyes, a nose and earshe is part of what is Haram in Islam.
  • Otherwise, if the bitmojis has only eyes, he is Halal, because Islam does not forbid such images.
  • On the one hand, if bitmojis have a body but no nose, ears or eyes, it is therefore Halal. However, you must ensure that the body is well covered.

According to the Prophet Mohammed in the Hadith: "The creators of these images will be punished on the Day of Resurrection, and it will also be said to them: Give life to what has been created". This hadith insists on the fact that creating any work resembling a human being is prohibited in Islam. Thus, it is strongly forbidden to create them and of use them.

  • On the other hand, it's also important to point out that not all bitmojis are forbidden. Some are halal provided they don't have a full face and the body is covered. You still have to be careful, because even though bitmojis don't have faces, disrespecting your religion by misusing them is not allowed.

Why are these bitmojis banned?

In general, bitmojis are forbidden because they look like human beings. These practices are forbidden by Islamic law. Indeed, the creation and thedisplay images of human beings is a sin in Islam.

These images can also be called "cut imagesthis means that they represent something that has life or who replaces a living being. What's more, bitmojis can also be used for disrespectful purposes. In other words, users can use them to make fun of someone or for spreading false rumours. This is a practice that will Islamic teachings, because it can hurt and destroy other people's feelings.

It's worth noting that these technologies didn't yet exist when the Hadith and the Koran were created, and the same goes for the Internet and video games. But, if we consider the Prophet Mohammed and the concept of the carved image, we can say that it's haram to use Bitmojis, such as it's also Haram to play Monopoly Go.

In short, most Islamic scholarss prohibits the creation or use of a Bitmojis that looks like a human being.

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