Are there any sites to watch movies for free?


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Updated on April 6, 2024 by Prince

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Trailers make us dream just by hearing the background noises and seeing the special effects perfected by the filmmakers. Are you waiting for the next episode of your favorite series, or for the French version of a film you love? As soon as it's released, get online and watch your movie. Sometimes it's annoying to hear that your film has been released, but you can't find it anywhere.

Either you have it on the official website of its production company, but for a fee, or newspaper websites announce its release and only give you a small excerpt.

In this article, we'll answer your question by listing a few sites that let you watch movies for free. And finally, let's talk about the legitimacy of these sites.

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What are the free websites that let you watch movies for free?

Now streaming sites open up for you, allowing you to watch movies, manga, series and even documentaries. Don't be surprised, the system of streaming sites is simple: you can watch your content on the site, but there's no possibility of downloading it. If you're streaming, it's better to go there if you've got a high-speed Internet connection than to sit back and watch the trailers.

Free streaming sites? There are thousands of them, but here are some sites we suggest that are less disturbed by ads.

Blablasteam: address in March 2024

Without any subscription or account creation, this site allows you to watch your movie with 4K resolution quality. Navigating on Blablasteam is child's play, just arriving on its first interface, you will already know what you are going to do, all the genres of films it has available are already listed on the left of the page.

  • The new Blablasteam address in March 2024 is : 


Like Blablasteam, VoirFilms doesn't require you to open an account. The only downside is that if you demand quality resolution, VoirFilms can't give you more than 1080P in terms of resolution.

Despite this, it remains the most visited streaming site in France.

  • Here is the address of the VoirFilms website: 


The interface is well lit, the principle of access remains the same as the other sites mentioned above. If you tend to use Cpasmal, be prepared to look for it under another address next time.

  • Site address :

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Are these sites legal?

  • Blablastream: this streaming site allows you to watch films and series online. However, it is an illegal site.
  • SeeMovies This streaming site is also illegal, as it broadcasts films that are often protected by copyright.
  • Cpasmal : the legality of this site may vary according to the laws in force in your country.

For your part, we recommend that you always use VPNs, such as NordVpn For example, when you enter these sites, the aim is to preserve your anonymity, by hiding your IP address. By the way, you can go to Disney+, Amazon Prime Video or Netflix to watch paid content.

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