Blizaar le Braillard RSL fusion calendar, what you need to know!

Hello Raiders!

A new fusion challenge has arrived! Blizaar le Braillard - a brand-new Legendary Champion of the Ogryn Tribes - is available via Fusion from December 14 to December 31. To obtain it, you'll need to merge the Epic Champion Bovos Cornevive four times. You can also find out more about your Champions RSL on the page Tier-List of Raid Shadow Legends champions.

Detailed information is provided below:

There are 8 tournaments and 8 events to do, plus an extra event to get the Path of the Hero with the Fragments of the Champion.

Illustration of the Blizaar le Braillard Merger Calendar
Image of Blizaar le Braillard's Merger Calendar in Raid Shadow Legends


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