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A brand-new streaming service, TF1+, a brand-new television site that you will soon be able to visit. watch on your PCis set to replace MyTF1. This Netflix à la française promises varied content and exclusive features, all free of charge. Find out more about this initiative, announced by TF1 CEO Rodolphe Belmer.

A strategic, win-win replacement

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TF1+ takes over from MyTF1, putting an end to TF1Max, the paid subscription. Rodolphe Belmer announced this transition in a recent interview, underlining TF1's determination to persevere in the SVOD sector despite the failure of Salto, the previous platform.

What does TF1+ promise?

#1 - Free and ad-supported

TF1+ distinguishes itself from MyTF1 by being completely free of chargefunded by advertising. This initiative aims to compete with the heavyweight advertising packages offered by Netflix and Disney+. These giants have been hugely successful in offering advertising packages at very competitive rates.

Despite this announcement, TF1 has yet to reveal the format of the ads on its platform, leaving it unclear how often they will appear between programs.

#2 - A richly diversified offering

TF1+ promises more 15,000 hours of varied programmingoffering a complete user experience. Among the contents not to be missed:

  • Successful programs : Including "Koh-Lanta" and "The Voice".
  • Family cinema : A selection of 200 films suitable for the whole family.
  • Never-before-seen series A range of 200 series to suit all tastes.
  • Plus belle la vie" returns: The iconic series makes its comeback to coincide with the launch of TF1+.
  • Top info : The first on-demand news offering, featuring 3 to 6-minute videos summarizing news highlights, with the option of going into greater depth on certain subjects already covered by TF1.

#3 - Top Chrono : Your programs at a glance

TF1+ innovates with Top Chrono, a feature that simplifies your TV viewing experience. Rodolphe Belmer presents this revolutionary feature that creates personalized summaries of shows you've missed. For example, imagine getting a digest of the latest "France team match".

But that's not all: you also have the power to choose the length of the summary, offering unprecedented flexibility for following your favorite programs.

#4 - A personalized algorithm for customized content and advertising

TF1+ revolutionizes the TV experience with a content recommendation algorithm dedicated to joint viewing. This new feature enables the platform to suggest different recommendations for different people in front of the screen. To benefit from these personalized suggestions, users will have to select the profiles of the individuals present in front of the TV set.

In addition to personalizing content recommendations, TF1+ will also use the algorithm to adapt advertising between programs. This approach enables TF1 to add value to advertisements, requiring advertisers to invest three times more to run an ad on TF1+ than on TF1. A clever strategy for maximizing the platform's advertising effectiveness.

TF1+: Launch date and availability

From January 8, 2024, TF1+ will be available in Francegradually succeeding MyTF1.

The users Orange, SFR, and Bouygues Telecom will be able to access the application directly from their Internet box, alongside Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. However, the agreement with Free has not yet been confirmed. Rodolphe Belmer, CEO of TF1, stresses that MyTF1 will remain available on Freeboxes pending a possible agreement. He also mentions that most connected TVs, including Samsung, LG, HiSense, and Philips, will have access to TF1+. Remote controls from certain brands may even feature a dedicated TF1+ button in the future.

Furthermore, TF1+ compatible with Google and Amazon HDMI donglesincluding Fire TVs. Simply connect them to one of the USB ports on the back of your TVand you're all set. So stay tuned for more information on this promising initiative!

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