Highlights of update 7.60

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Welcome to the highlights of Update 7.60, where we'll tell you what surprises we've got in store for this Spooktober. Don't expect any groundbreaking features just yet, but we've got some really fun things to show you! First of all, Clans will receive their own customizable heraldry with the new Clan Badge; moreover, Clan Ranking will be visible to all thanks to the Stars that can be earned through various Clan activities. On top of that, we've got quality-of-life improvements, new Champions and a series of spooky events to celebrate Halloween.

Read on to find out more!

Clan badge

Starting with update 7.60, Clans will have access to their own coat of arms - the Clan Badge. Although only the Clan Leader can approve and change it, we're making the basic creator available to everyone in a Clan. To access it, simply navigate to your Clan menu and find the Clan Badge creator button, which is conveniently located below your Clan Badge.

Once there, you can create a draft Clan Badge with the following elements:

  • Shape. You can choose from several shapes;
  • Pattern. You can choose from several options, then select your favorite colors;
  • Symbols. You can choose between 0 and 6 symbols, adjust their color, flip them vertically or horizontally and move them around the field (they can even overlap).

We'll be releasing a preview video with more detailed instructions at a later date, so you can see the Clan Badge creator in action before it launches!

From now on, once your Clan Badge has been approved, it will be displayed next to each Clan member's username, as a proudly hoisted banner on the Doom Tower and Tournament leaderboards, in various Arena tabs and on the Hydra clash board.

Clan League

In addition to receiving their own coat of arms, Clans will be able to showcase their achievements with the Clan League. Participating and performing well in various Clan tasks (CvC Tournaments and Hydra Clash when update 7.60 is launched) will earn Clan Points, which will then be converted into Stars that will appear above the Clan Badge.

Each Clan starts out with no Stars, but after the launch of the update can earn up to 5 Stars in 3 Leagues: Bronze, Silver and Gold. The first Stars are always Bronze, then progress through the Leagues as your Clan earns more Ranking Points. These Stars will be visible above the Clan Insignia in almost all tabs and menus where the Clan Insignia itself is present.

We'll also be adding a Clan League tab to the Clan menu, which everyone can use to see their Clan's current progress.

Halloween events

This year, we're celebrating Halloween early and with several different events in play. You can expect a special promo code that will provide you with treats, various activities, including a Halloween-themed Fusion, and a few other things in between. So get your spooky costume ready, stock up on candy and get ready for a busy October!

Improved quality of life

  • The Events tab will be improved to include more information on various Raid activities and provide better visuals;
  • Clan Quests focused on various Dungeons will now include difficult mode stages of these Dungeons;
  • The Tavern interface will be updated with a new button to enable or disable the pop-up warning for Champions required for Mergers.

The New Champions : Lady mikage

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