How long does it take to hack a password using bruteforce?


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We spend a great deal of our time on the Internet, particularly on the social networks. On many sites, we need a secure password to prevent hacking.

Bruteforce is undoubtedly the most tchip computer attackThis is the most powerful password recovery method available. This is the crude method used to recover a password by testing all possible combinations one by one, using automatic tools. How long does it take to hack a password using this method? gives you all the information you need.

What is the duration of hacking following the composition of a password?

L'Hive Systems study 2023a company specializing in IT security systems, reveals that hackers can crack a password of less than 8 characters in just a few seconds. Cracking is done using conventional hardware and a brute-force attack.

To give you concrete examples of the time needed to hack a password via brute force, here is a summary table:

Composition of the password Hack duration
10 characters with upper and lower case letters, symbols and numbers 2 weeks
8 characters with upper and lower case letters, symbols and numbers 5 minutes
11 characterswith numbers, uppercase and lowercase letters, and symbols 3 years
18 characters (uppercase + lowercase + numbers and symbols) 380 billion years


To create a complex passwordWe strongly recommend using at least 17 characters. If you want to avoid a brute-force attack on your password, opt for thedouble-factor identification.

What are the conditions for resistance of a password to a brute-force attack?

These days, your password needs to be as strong as possible to withstand the threat of intrusion into your business and personal accounts. Cracking techniques are becoming increasingly numerous. Brute-force attacks are one of them. What's more, the power of today's software and computers is remarkable. As a result, it's becoming easier and easier for people with certain skills to gain access. computer skills to hack a password.

Illustration of how long it takes to hack a password
Image to illustrate how long it takes to hack a password

Normally, a hacker has to apply his or her skills to solve certain problems, but in life, there are always bad people. These people decrypt people's passwords in order to steal their personal data. It's precisely to avoid being tricked by these dishonest hackers that you should opt for a password manager. We talk about it in this article

Be aware that the duration of a password hack depends on 2 specific parameters, including:

  • The number of characters: 4 to 18;
  • Composition: numbers only, lowercase letters, upper and lower case letters, numbers with upper and lower case letters, numbers with upper and lower case letters with symbols or special characters.

So on all social networks and platforms that require a password, make sure yours is secure. We'll also tell you how to change password on Instagram for your convenience. Do you usually use your date of birth as your password? That's the one thing to avoid.

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