How to Track Time Spent on Social Media on Android?


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Today, social networks are more than just a means of communication between two or more people. They are becoming a springboard for marketing giants, not only in terms of advertising visibility, but also in detecting consumer expectations through electronic surveys, etc. Many people are therefore using social networks to generate revenue.

While in the early days, the means of communication was via chat, now users can see each other live and send each other attachments, thanks to various features injected into the platforms. Apart from the affinities created and the links forged, these different options encourage users to remain loyal to their respective social networks.

In this article, want to track the time spent on your social networks on Android? Find out in this article!

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How to calculate the time spent on social networks on Android?

Do you want to make good use of your time, or are you curious to find out how much time you spend surfing social networks? To track time spent on social networks via Android, you have 3 distinct methods at your disposal:

With the :

Find out how long you've been using social networks with our widgets:

  1. Press and hold on the Home screen
  2. Then select Widget 
  3. Search "time of use
  4. Once you're there, you'll have access to the time spent on different applications including social networks.

Via a third-party application

You can also count the time spent on these networks with apps. For Android, QualityTime: Phone Addiction is the application designed to measure these times on social networking-type applications. It's very easy to use and very practical, because you can exclude any application you like.

With QualityTime, you can also set alerts by time of use of selected applications. What's more, you can track the number of times the screen is turned on, and get an overall usage result for all targeted applications.

Via the : Digital wellness

To evaluate the time you spend on social networks via Digital Wellbeing on Android :

  1. Start by accessing the settings from your phone
  2. Then find "Screen time Where "Digital well-being 
  3. It's as simple as that! You'll find time spent on each application including social networks.

What are the most used social networks at the moment?

Many of us don't know the name of the first social network. created by Andrew Weinreich around 1996 and officially published in 1997. Characteristically, is like a fusion between LinkedIn and Facebook. Have you used it yet? Certainly not if you're part of Generation Z.

After being bought out by YouthStream Media Networks in 1999, the project unfortunately didn't last long and fell into oblivion. As it happens, the site remains functional to this day, but since the heyday of the new social networks, its popularity has plummeted.

Here are the top 3 most popular social networks today:

  • Facebook : with about 3 billion registered accounts, Facebook remains at the top of the podium. According to the latest statistic, Mark Zuckerberg's network has more than 2 billion 910 million active users on its platform.
  • Youtube : this video library needs no introduction. It's in second place with some 2.6 billion users. Getting maximum views and subscribers on YouTube is becoming a real challenge for public figures, bloggers and many others....
  • WhatsApp : According to the latest rankings, WhatsApp is ahead of Instagram with 2 billion users, while Instagram has around 1 billion. If we focus on its instant messaging function, WhatsApp takes the lead on the market.

But, if you want to follow a person's activities on the first 2 social networks, discover :

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