How do I analyze a Linkedln account?

LinkedIn is a professional social network that you can leverage to stand out from the crowd. But having a LinkedIn account or page isn't enough; you need an effective account. An account that generates engagement among fans. That's why it's so important to analyze a LinkedIn account. Let's find out together in this article, how to analyze a LinkedIn account?

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Analyze your LinkedIn account with Fanpage Karma

Fanpage Karma is a renowned tool for track your profiles as well as those of your competitors on LinkedIn. By using this software, you get involved in the managing your corporate reputation. You will also find the best content ideas and find influencers.

It allows you to create customized reports, of plan publications and reply to messages. What's more, for managers who aren't quite up to speed with content creation, AI assistants are at your disposal.

What are the different features of FanPage Karma?

The Fanpage Karma analysis tool allows you toanalyze engagement on your social pagesand also those of your competitors. The software's series of clues will help you make the right decisions:

  • The performance of your page ;
  • the best time for publish ;
  • The frequency of publication ;
  • The popular hashtags ;
  • the type of content appreciated by fans ;
  • You can also find out details about your fans;
  • Determine influencers (the most influential);
  • Tagging campaigns to make detailed analyses ;
  • Do information watch to better manage crisis communication.

Fanpage Karma also offers a new feature on LinkedIn which analyzes competitors. The latter makes it possible to compare subscribers to your pages as well as engagement with competitors. This will help you improve your social media management strategy. What's more, by analyzing your competitors, you can identify which strategies are working and which need improvement. Before choosing Fanpage Karma, find out here Fanpage Karma prices

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Image of someone analyzing a LinkedIn account through a user-friendly interface, illustrating FanPage Karma's services.
Image of a person analyzing a LinkedIn account through a user-friendly interface, illustrating FanPage Karma's services. Source :

Why analyze your LinkedIn account with Fanpage Karma?

Social networks, especially LinkedIn, play a crucial role in the management of marketing campaigns. Online stores need to integrate all social networking activities into an overall strategy so that they can be analyzed. Fanpage Karma offers a feature that allows you to plan and analyze page activities through a KPI.

It's also perfect for competitive analysis and benchmarkingThe statistics offered are more detailed than those offered by LinkedIn. If you manage more than one social media channel, Fanpage Karma is the perfect partner. Take advantage of the discounts offered by the site with the coupon code Fanpage Karma

Why analyze your LinkedIn account?

The LinkedIn analysis tool has been designed to make your work easier. By analyzing your account, you can track your prospects as well as conversations. You can examine indicators such as conversion rate, the cost per lead to get an idea of campaign effectiveness. Analyzing a LinkedIn account allows you to measure the impact of your campaign through indicators, namely :

  • the completion rate ;
  • the cost per lead.

The aim is to measure what works and what doesn't work to improve your campaign in the future.

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