How do I analyze a Pinterest account?

Marketing agencies, digital communication agencies, companies, etc. are exploiting social networks to the full to stand out from their competitors. Indeed, Pinterest is the perfect social network for attracting more customers and targets. If you already have a Pinterest account, it's important to analyze it. Find out in this article, how to analyze a Pinterest account?

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Analyze a Pinterest account with Fanpage Karma

Fanpage Karma is a solution that allows you tooptimize your Pinterest account thanks to a number of statistics: the number of fansthe number of clicksetc. The tool allows you to obtain information on publication frequencyon traffic generated by publications. This tool enables users to protect social networks with the aim ofidentify suspicious behavior that could cause harm.

How does Fanpage Karma analyze a Pinterest account?

Pinterest is a better way to promote your business. Through the statistics provided by Fanpage Karmayou'll find a wealth of information. Indeed, it's not uncommon to find business pages that display their number of fans, of comments, of I like and of shares. These statistics are provided by Fanpage Karma. The latter is a interaction tracking tool and of subscriber satisfaction. It also allows you to create detailed reports over a defined period and export the information later. If you're interested in the software, find out more about the price of Fanpage Karma

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Why analyze a Pinterest account with Fanpage Karma?

The advantage of Fanpage Karma is that it allows you to create personalized offers based on fans' interests to encourage more engagement. These offers can include links to your content, your products, your promotionsas well as useful information about the use of your page.

Why analyze a Pinterest account?

Analyzing a Pinterest account gives you an overview of your account. Fanpage Karma, for example, offers an overview of Pinterest for measure content performance you've created. It offers a dashboard to find out : impressions, engagement, close-up views, clicks, registrations, etc.. You can then filter the data by content type, device, source and format. This overview provides information on the monthly audience if you want to have precise statistics on your audience.

Analysis tools enable you tostudy your audience statistics by providing the number of unique visitors and demographic data. On the other hand, audience information indicates your audience's areas of interest. This gives you access to audience distribution :

  • By age ;
  • By genre ;
  • By country.

Your Pinterest video statistics provide information on the number of views and duration viewing time. Take advantage of software discounts with Fanpage promo code Karma

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