How do I change my Monopoly Go username?

With over 10 million downloads on the Google Play Store since its release in April 2023, Monopoly Go confers a better free board game experience to play with your friends and family. If you're new to this gaming world, you may have felt the urge to change your nickname. Or maybe there's a reason you'd like to do so?

Follow this guide to give your Monopoly Go adventure a new identity: find out how to do it and how often you can do it.

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How do I change my name on Monopoly Go?

Illustration of how to change your name on Monopoly Go
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Changing your name in Monopoly Go is a fairly simple task, with the following steps:

Step 1: Access your profile

  1. start with open Monopoly Go. Then touch the hamburger menu represented by the three lines at the top right of the application;
Screenshot of the option button on the Monopoly go main screen. Source: Yann
  1. Then select your profile icon (the photo).
    Screenshot to change avatar in Monopoly go. Source: Yann

Step 2: Change your username

  1. Once in the profile page, click on the editing pencil next to your nameto delete the existing name and enter the new one;
  2. To save the change, press Click on "Submit".

So make sure you choose the right name, because it's how other players recognize you in Monopoly Go, and especially because the number of name changes is limited by the game.

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How many times can I change my name on Monopoly Go?

Please note, a name change in Monopoly Go is possible only once. If you have already made this change, no further corrections are permitted. It's crucial to choose your pseudonym wisely from the outset.

If you are having difficulty changing your name, this probably indicates that your only opportunity has been used. Although you can contact support, rectification is not guaranteed.

We are hoping for a future update that will allow multiple name changes for players, as this is, for example, necessary when you block someone on Monopoly Go. Well... blocking might not be the right word, but deleting, or crossing off the list of friends.

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