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In the age of technology, your login information is coveted by many hackers. Indeed, many hackers are looking for YouTube passwords in order to access user accounts and sell them on the black market at attractive prices. Especially as YouTube accounts are of great value to hackers and their customers, the risk of hacking continues to grow. So it's vital to know how to protect your YouTube account before it's too late. But there are other reasons too encourage users to hack a YouTube account, as caring parents who want to protect their children or partner, etc. So we'll also help you monitor a YouTube account in this article.

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Some methods used by hackers

Often, cybercriminals use phishing emails to access your accounts. They affect viruses on your account using zombie computers as well as subsequent zombie attacks. This last sends malware embedded in the email. This email is designed to collect your information YouTube login. You will then be resigned. Additionally, hackers can insert links to other malware, especially in the comments they leave on your content.

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There are also other software that can hack YouTube accounts, like Keylogger. This last records your keystrokes and then steals your username and password. When you download software from third party download sites, them hackers sneak into your computer and upload your credentials. Therefore, theobtaining of your password and your username is enough to pirates to access your account. Often these hackers change your password and permanently kick you out of your account

Why are YouTube channels prone to piracy?

YouTube accounts with a large number of subscribers are the most vulnerable to hacking. Actually, more the number of subscribers is high, more the account is easy to hack. By the way, accounts with many followers are monetized. Therefore hackers wish to get a great source of income. They can also sell your YouTube account for malicious purposes. Moreover, after Google, this platform is second most popular website on the Internet after Google. It attracts billions of users every month.

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However, YouTube is a well-protected site. Even so, you need to protect your channel from any form of piracy. This information will help you pay more attention to the emails you receive, your downloads, etc. so as not to be susceptible to being hacked. However, as we mentioned at the beginning of the article, wanting follow an account Youtube is not necessarily malicious. You can also do this for protect your loved ones or for better help your children who are constantly there (minors or others). So how do you monitor what your loved ones are doing on YouTube or what they are doing on their phone?

Tool that allows you to monitor a YouTube account:

For parents, couples or others, it is normal to wonder what their children are doing, their partner, Where their relatives on the site. If you feel the need to protect your children from online dangers, or your relationship with your partner, the only tool that I recommend to you is Mspy. Basically, Mpsy is parental control software, but it also allows you to Discreetly monitor everything your loved one does on their phone, including on Youtube. In this case, we are talking about a hack with benevolent intentions. Highly appreciated by users, many of these features are to be tested.

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It is a perfect tool for read someone's messages without their knowledge, then do not hesitate to try it!

For those of you who have lost your account and want it back, know that the tool I just mentioned lets you do everything remotely on your phone, so even for me I would recommend installing it on my phone (I have it myself in case someone steals my phone or YouTube account!)

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