Hacking an Instagram account: 4 methods

The 4 techniques to hack an Instagram account in 2023?

Article checked and updated as necessary on : December 8, 2023

In this article, you will discover how to hack an Instagram accountwith the methods currently used in 2023 and, how to recover an Instagram account after account hacking. We've read hundreds of articles on the subject since 2022, so here's a summary of everything we've found on the Internet, as well as reference books on the subject of hacking.

Table summarizing Instagram account hacking in 2023.

Technical Difficulty
🔍 Spyware Easy
🔐 Guess the CDM Medium
🎣 Phishing Very difficult
💥 Brute force Hard

If you want to hack an Instagram account via software on Android or IOS cell phones in 5 minutes :

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It is important to specify that hacking an Instagram account is illegal. It's a violation of other people's privacy. Our article is informational and aims tohelp all those who need hack an Instagram account easily. The software we recommend in this article is used to monitor children's social networking accounts, and you need to ask their permission.

What are valid reasons for hacking an Instagram account without using a password?

As stated above, hacking an Instagram account is a violation of privacy. But, faced with inevitable contexts, an account can be hacked. Notably :

  • To verify your child's account;
  • When the password is forgotten;
  • You lost your phone and bought a new one.

Whatever the reason, there are always effective ways of accessing someone's Instagram account. However, we don't advocate illegal spying, especially without the consent of the targeted person. Hacking is forbidden if the user becomes aware of it and lodges a complaint, proving that you are the perpetrator.

Instead of hacking an account to find out who follows the person, you can discover our article on : how to see someone's latest followers on instagram.

Is it possible to hack Instagram account without password in 2023

Indeed, it is possible to hack an Instagram account without password. The most common problem is forgetting your password. How many times have you registered online without physically writing down your password? Most users choose a general password for several accounts. But this is the best way to get hacked. The hacker just gets it from one site, then tests it on all the sites he knows. But it also happens that you can retrieve your password by knowing the following information: Pet name, date of birth, etc...

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How to hack an Instagram account?

In order to achieve your account hacking goal, you must use one of the methods that exist. Here's how:

Method 1: brute force

  • In the past, piracy required that users download a TXT document which contains frequently used and updated passwords on their browser.
  • So, the program goes through this list trying out each password one by one, until it finds the perfect combination.

This can take a long time, you can find out how many hours, minutes or seconds a brute force attack takes here :

Why it's often ineffective, but always dangerous

In fact, this technique worked very well until someother defensive techniques arrive on the market:

  • The special characters ;
  • The password generators random ;
  • Ltwo-factor authentication.

These new methods have reduces the effectiveness of the brute force method. What's more, Instagram has protected their site against this type of attack, so it won't be possible in 2023!

To hack an Instagram password, all you had to do was :

  1. To install software that was available on Github.
  2. Launch Tor
  3. Launch the software via Tor
  4. Enter user name
  5. Add password list
  6. Expect

But now it doesn't work with the 2FA.

Method 2: Phishing

It's something that's forbidden and requires knowledge of code. You need to be able to create a customized site that looks like Instagram and ensure that the person fills in his or her information (password, user name) and that AUTH security is not activated on your account. Once everything is created, you need to prepare an Instagram security alert email. This e-mail must make the target appear to have requested a password reset code on his profile for example. And if she didn't ask for it, then she needs to change her password on her profile, with the link to your pirate website.

Once the information has been retrieved, you can log in.

On average, this costs 850€ to create and it's not guaranteed to hack the Instagram account of the target.

For less money you have this software which will be much better:

⏩You can hack Instagram account with Eyezy⏪

Answer to the question, is it possible to hack an Instagram account without having the password?

It is currently impossible to hack an Instagram account without the above methods and without having installed the software I've listed at the top or bottom of this page.
I recommend stop your searchYou don't have to do anything, because other sites want you to install viruses! Some sites will offer you to download software, but to hack your computer. If there's a way to hack your Instagram account or another, we'll tell you on this page. So you can bookmark it but this will be impossible or almost impossible.


Example of an Instagram hacking phishing site
Example of Instagram hacking phishing site: allinone-hacker.com/instafr/


Method 3: Social engineering

1. Definition

Social engineering is the art of manipulating people to divulge confidential information. The types of information these criminals seek may vary, but when individuals are targeted, the attackers are often looking for passwords or banking information.

2. Common methods

The striker invents a prepared scenario (or pretext) for seeking information from a victim. For example, pretending to be a bank employee to request information about your account.

  • The eemailing that appear to come from a real source to trick recipients into providing sensitive information, such as login details or credit card numbers, is known as phishing. As seen above.
  • Baiting The attacker offers the victim something attractive to participate in. An example is free software that is actually malicious.
  • Quizzing Use of fake quizzes or surveys to encourage people to provide personal information.

When a person follows an authorized person into a secure area, such as a company building, this is known as tailgate or piggybacking.

3. Why it works

Social engineering exploits people's natural tendency to trust and want to help. Attackers can also push someone to act without thinking by using cognitive biases such as urgency (saying that something is a "short-term offer").

4. Preventive measures

  • Education Training and awareness-raising are the first line of defense against social engineering attacks.
  • Companies can implement identity verification protocols anyone requesting sensitive information.
  • Physical protection The company's commitment to safety and security includes the use of access badges for buildings, and training employees not to leave doors open to strangers.

5. Real-life examples and case studies

Kevin Mitnick and other famous hackers have used social engineering as one of their main methods to penetrate secure systems and networks.

Video example :

Method 4: Guess the password

1. Why do people use common passwords?

  • Ease of memorization : Because they're easy to remember, many users choose simple passwords.
  • Lack of education Some users are unaware of the risks involved in using weak or common passwords.
  • Too many accounts : With the growing number of online services, many people find it difficult to keep a unique identifier for each account.

2. Illustration: The most popular and hacked passwords

A table would show the most frequently used passwords, such as :

top 10 most frequently used passwordsNote: Although precise passwords and their positioning can vary from year to year, these examples give an idea of the types of password that many people use.

Common combinations:

Here is the password most used by users worldwide:

  • 123456
  • password
  • 12345678
  • 1234567
  • qwerty
  • admin
  • azerty
  • 111111
  • iloveyoy

3. The risks of using frequent passwords

  • Brute force attack Attackers use software that tries thousands of passwords in a single second to gain access to an account.
  • Damage to the dictionary : Hackers try to guess IDs using a file containing many common words and phrases.
  • There were a violation of several accountss. If a user uses the same code for several services and one of them is compromised, all his accounts are at risk.

4. A strong password is crucial.

More security

More complex passwords are harder to guess or hackwhich makes them more secure against unauthorized intrusion.

Protecting your personal data

A good secret code protects your personal data, financial and other sensitivities.

To avoid fraud

Strong passwords reduce the risk of identity theft and D'other types of online fraud.

Tips for a strong password

  • Use a mixture of capital letters and lowercase, of figures and of special characters.
  • Avoid using names, of the dates of birth, of the dictionary words orother easily accessible information.
  • Use a password manager to keep an eye on and change your passwords regularly.

Conclusion about guessing the password

Although there may be a strong temptation to use simple passwords, it is resist this urge to protect your online information. You can significantly increase your online security by understanding the risks associated with weak passwords and in taking action to create complex passwords.

Method 5: Apps that let you spy on an Instagram account

For parents, couples or people who are close, and those who want to monitor (watch) and spy on the Instagram account and everything your child, spouse, boyfriend or whatever is doing.

There is currently only one tool that I advise you to test

⏩View someone's private messages on Instagram⏪

It's an application that is perfect for seeing someone's messages without them knowing, you have to test it!

For those who have lost their account and want to recover it, you should know that the tool just above allows you to do everything remotely on your phone, so even for yourself, I recommend you install it on your phone (I myself have it in case my phone or Instragram account is stolen!).

Otherwise to recover your account the only way is to make requests to support, of try to retrieve your password. Unfortunately there are no other solutions :(. Beware of other sites that want to scam you by calling phone numbers. It'll only cost you 20$ a week for no results.

Another page on our site to help you on your social network:

How do you protect your Instagram account from hacking?

  • Use a strong password Your password must be at least 12 characters long and contain a mix of upper- and lower-case letters, numbers and symbols.
  • Pay attention to the links you click on If you receive an e-mail or text message from someone you don't know containing a link, don't click on it. The link may be malicious and you could fall victim to phishing or be infected by malware.
  • Keep your software up to date Software updates often include security patches that can help protect your computer or mobile device from malware.

Activate two-factor authentication:

  • This option adds an extra level of security to your account. When you activate two-factor authentication, you must enter a code on your phone in addition to your access code when you log in.

We're going to make a tutorial to explain how to activate it.

By following these tips, you can help protect your Instagram account from hacking.

Recovering your Instagram account in the event of a hack

If you're worried that your Instagram profile has suffered a malicious intrusion, that you've misplaced it in the hands of unwanted people, you should know that various security procedures channel the reappropriation of your space. These procedures take a variety of forms:

  1. First of all, it involves take a look at Instagram mails. Scour the emails sent by the Instagram security service via security@mail.instagram.com. Here you can potentially find crucial information on the changes that have affected your account and cancel them if necessary.
  2. Option two is to retrieve a connection link. If access to your Instagram space seems hermetically sealed, requesting a reconnection link from Instagram remains a viable option. Using your e-mail address or phone number, you can obtain such a link and carefully follow the instructions displayed.
  3. Then you can request a security code or Assistance. If you're struggling to remove your account from its perilous position, enhanced assistance can be engaged from a mobile terminal.
  4. We may also need to verify your identity. Instagram has the ability to require identity confirmation. This can be obtained by disclosing certain details or, if necessary, by making a personal video recording for manual verification purposes. The video will be deleted after 30 days and will remain invisible to other Instagram users.
  5. Finally, if access to your account is still possibleIf you suspect an intrusion attempt, or if you still have access to your profile, it's a good idea to change your password, activate two-step authentication, control your contact information and limit access to third-party applications of a dubious nature.

The primary function of each of these steps is to facilitate the recovery of secure access to the user's account. They aim to ensure that only the legal owner of the Instagram space holds the key to its use.

If you need help recovering your Instagram account

If you need help recovering your Instagram account, you can send an email to :

We'll get back to you within 48 hours with the right help for your Instagram account recovery needs.

In conclusion

There are several ways to hack an Instagram account, but most of them are illegal and unethical. Here are some methods you should avoid:

  • Phishing This involves sending a fraudulent e-mail or SMS message that appears to come from Instagram. The message often contains a link which, when clicked, takes the victim to a fake Instagram login page. If the victim enters their login details on the fake page, the hacker will be able to steal them.
  • Malware The idea is to install malware on the victim's computer or mobile device. The malware can then be used to steal the victim's login credentials or access their Instagram account by other means.
  • Social engineering The idea is to trick the victim into giving up their login details or access to their account. To do this, the victim can pretend to be a legitimate Instagram employee or create a convincing fake login page.
  • Phone spyware such as Mspy and Eyezy is currently the easiest method!


⏩Mspy⏪ spyware

It's important to note that these methods in 2023 are illegal and unethical. If you're caught hacking an Instagram account, you risk legal consequences.

How and why did we write this article?

This top 4 was made after hundreds of hours of research and work, in reading as much information as possible about piracy and books which you can find in the references just below.. We wrote the article because a cousin wanted to hack an Instagram account after receiving a lot of insulting messages and wanted to find out who was behind her accounts. We couldn't find anything on the internet that answered the question of: How to hack an Instagram account. As a result we wrote this article to help all the people who were like us.

References :

  1. Andress, J. (2011). "The Basics of Information Security: Understanding the Fundamentals of InfoSec in Theory and Practice". Syngress. ISBN 978-1-59749-653-4.
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