How to lease a car in Estonia?

Are you in Estonia? Do you have a project to acquire a new car? Car leasing is all you need. This contract is more profitable, basically if you don't have enough money to make a purchase on credit. In this text, we will inform you how to make a car leasing in Estonia?

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Is it profitable to buy the car at the end of the leasing contract?

The rental contract with purchase option provides for the sum to be paid at the end of the contract in the event that the lessee decides to buy the car. The final price is calculated according to the monthly payments paid and the number of annual mileage carried out by the vehicle as well. If you want to acquire a new car, leasing is an interesting business. It is still necessary to specify the fact that certain contracts provide for an increased payment of the first subscription.

It is also possible to return the car if you feel that the purchase at the end of the contract is much more expensive than a classic purchase. Nevertheless, the price of a rental with option to buy is more attractive than conventional financing, therefore a car loan.

Why are leasing loans often refused?

When applying for leasing credits, your file will be carefully studied with the dealers as well as the lessors. The refusal of files is quite common among tenants. A good number of motorists face this kind of problem. Once your file is submitted, it will first be reviewed by the dealers. Then, it will be the turn of the financial institution to study your request. Your file must comply with current consumer credit legislation to be accepted. Before granting the loan, several criteria are examined, including:

  • The debt ratio;
  • Borrowing capacity;
  • As well as your food.

If you meet these criteria, you are well on your way to getting your new car.

Is it possible to move to another country with a leased car?

If you're going to move, it's difficult to take your car with you, especially if the contract isn't over yet. Indeed, in leasing, you can rent a car for a fixed period, generally between 24 to 72 months, with the possibility of redemption at the end of the contract. Note that the owner of the vehicle is always the lessor, as long as the lessee does not decide to buy the car.

Indeed, the lessee has the obligation to insure and register the leased car in the country where you live. It will therefore be somewhat difficult to take the car to another country knowing that the leasing conditions are almost different from one country to another. If you want to move to Germany for example, discover our article on How to lease a car in Germany? It is also possible that the lessor issuing the contract could oppose the registration of the car in another country. This case is common in car leasing.

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