Is boxing Haram?

Boxing is a sport in which you hit your opponent and take blows. The more you hit your opponent, the more points you earn. Since it's all about fighting, is boxing part of which is Haram in Islam ? Browse this guide to discover the answers.

Why isn't boxing approved by Islam?

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In the Islamic religion, the soul of the human being has always been important. Many sports designed to build the human body have always been encouraged. They are a source of entertainment and relaxation, and include swimming, archery, horse-riding, fencing and more.

However, boxing rests on forbidden foundations by Islam. In fact, allowing harm the opponent's body and above all its face (the noblest part of a human being) is prohibited in Islam. What's more, success in boxing is for those who manage to deliver a fatal blow to their opponent.

What are the Islamic principles of boxing?

As mentioned above, the principles of Islam oppose the principles of boxingto let humans fight violently:

Avoiding damage

This sport involves damages and risks for human life. Testimonies from Western specialists insist that human feelings are pushing to fight boxing and eradicate it from the dictionary of world sports.

Violating respect for the face

The principle of boxing is to deliver the hardest blows to the opponent's face. These blows count for more points than other parts of the body. This goes against the Prophet's saying as reported in this hadith from Abu Hurayra: "When one of you fights, let him avoid aiming at his opponent's face". And speaking of the face, what does Islam think of wearing make-up? Is it a violation of respect for the face? We tell you more in our article: Is make-up Haram?

In short, boxing is a sport that touches the opponent's face, to the point of damaging it. Yet Allah's words insist on preserving one's face. For example, boxing is Haram in Islam.

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