Is eyelash enhancement haram?

Not everyone is lucky enough to have beautiful curved eyelashes. Some of us need eyelash enhancers or extensions to enhance our lashes and eyes. Indeed, the look counts a lot in seduction. But, in Islam, is eyelash enhancement haram ? Find out in this guide.

Image illustration of enhanced lashes
Image illustration of enhanced eyelashes. Image created for our website

Raising those lashes: is this technique haram?

Eyelash enhancement and eyelash extension are two different techniques. Eyelash enhancement doesn't need to add anything to your lashes. It involves work on the basis your own lashes. A technique similar to the application of shampoo on your hair to make them smooth and silky. This technique is halal.

However, the eyelash extensions are haram because it's all about adding something to your lashes. What's more, the lashes that are applied are natural and refined.

How can I get a sharper rendering?

If you want to enhance your lashes and get a flawless result, proceed as follows:

  1. First of all, choose light serums in their constitution, and especially effective for denser eyelashes.
  2. apply these around your eyes before applying your make-up every morning.
  3. You can also apply at night before going to bed.

In fact, a number of studies have shown that cosmetic products work in depth when they are at rest at night. If you don't know what kind of serum to choose, choose the bases that allow you to stimulate lash density. But you should always seek professional advice to avoid damaging your make-up and, above all, your eyelashes.

In short, eyelash enhancement is not forbidden in Islam, but eyelash extension is. What about make-up? Find out in our article, is make-up haram?

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