Monopoly Go: Everything you need to know about bank robberies

The principle of Monopoly Go is similar to that of capitalism: make as much money as possible. Bank robberies give you more money and more rewards. In this article, find out more about bank robberies in Monopoly Go.

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How to play bank robbery in Monopoly Go?

Illustration of the Monoply go bank robbery mini-game announcement page.
Screenshot of the announcement page for the bank robbery mini-game in Monopoly go. Source: Yann

First of all, in Monopoly Go, Bank Robbery is a mini-game that can be triggered when you land on one of the following squares Station . Here's how to play this mini-game:

  • You have to land on squares Station
Illustration of the station box in monopoly go
Screenshot of stage 1 of the Monopoly Go bank robbery, where you'll land on the "Railway Station" squares.
  • You'll find safe doors in the mini-game. These hide your opponent's treasure
Illustration of the safes to be robbed in the Monopoly go bank robbery mini game.
Screenshot of the safes to be robbed in Monopoly go. Source: Yann
  • Click on the safe doors
  • When you find 3 identical objects, you'll see how much money you stole

There are 3 types of hold-ups:

  • A little heist
  • A big heist
  • And a heist with a big reward

Note that all heists have specific items, so you'll get the heist reward depending on which items you match first. On the other hand, dice multipliers have an effect on mini-game rewards, essentially if you want to earn more money. If you'd like to know a little more about dice multipliers, discover all you need to know about dice multipliers.

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A few tips on bank robbery

Indeed, there is no specific Monopoly Go bank robbery pattern to follow. This pattern means a sequence of open safe doors to always win big heist rewards. However, tips and tricks don't work for a bank robbery mini-game, as the game is all about random safe door selection and luck. If you'd like to know more about Monopoly Go, such as how to play with friends, let's find out How to add friends to Monopoly Go.

However, you can always remember your previous bank robbery models and use them as a reference to win a bigger heist.

In short, there are no precise tips and tricks for successful heists in Monopoly Go. The best practice is to refer to your previous victory and apply it. Please feel free to share this information with your friends.

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2 commentaires on "Monopoly Go: All about bank robberies"

  1. Ich werde bei Monopoly Go von einem Nicht-Freund permanent attackiert.
    Wahrzeichen abgerissen oder die Bank ausgeraubt. Wie ist das möglich?
    Es ist oft mehr als 10x täglich.
    Wie kann ich mich rächen?
    Beim Abriss kann ich mich maximal 1x rächen und beim Banküberfall wird mir dieser Spieler nie angezeigt.


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