New fusion RSL, December 14, 2023: Blizaar le Braillard

Hello Raiders!
This Thursday, December 14, we plan to launch a Merger event for a new Champion - Blizaar le Braillard.

  • Faction – Ogryn Tribes
  • Scarcity - Legendary
  • Kind - Defence
  • Affinity - Spirit
Image of the Blizaar the Howler Icon in RSL
Icon of the champion Blizaar le Braillard

Blizaar le Braillardwill be an excellent champion for the difficult mode of Fire Knight Castle and the Arena. Blizaar can place the debuff of Freeze with two of its A1 and A3 skills. With its A1, being a three-shot skill, it will certainly help to bring down Fyro's Shield faster and give you a chance to place a Gel debuff. While A3 has a 100% chance of placing the Frost debuff on all enemies and reducing their turn counter by 30%, something that will be useful when facing the Fire Knight himself and controlling waves too. Blizaar the Brawler's A2 skill will be excellent for the Arena, as it removes all control debuffs and places defensive buffs on the team.

Just build Blizaar with high resistance, and you'll be ready to take on enemy Control Champions. What's more, this snowman-like Ogryn Champion can be very annoying when it comes to their Passive skill, as Blizaar reanimates after being killed and places Resurrection to Death on itself with a reasonably low CD. On top of that, Blizaar is virtually immune to the Frost debuff. So this can backfire on whoever tries to freeze our Ogryn.

Illustration of the Featured Image of Blizaar the Howler
Featured image of Blizaar the Braillard

Champion's skills:


Attack 3 times at random. Each move has a 40% chance of placing a debuff [Freeze] for 1 turn.

  • Level 2 Damage+5%
  • Level 3 Damage+5%
  • Level 4 Buff/Debuff Chance +10%

CRYO THERAPY | CD= 5 tours

Remove all debuffs from [Stun], [Sleep], [Fear], [Absolute Fear], [Freeze], [Provocation], And [Petrification] of the allies. Then place a [DEF increasePlace a [ 60% ] buff on all allies for 2 turns. Also places a [Ally Protection] of 50% on all allies except this Champion for 2 turns.

  • Level 2 Lap counter -1
  • Level 3 Lap counter -1


Attacks all enemies. Has 75% chance to place a debuff [Freezefor 1 turn. Also has 75% chance to reduce all enemies' Turn counter by 30%.

  • Level 2 Damage+10%
  • Level 3 Damage+10%
  • Level 4 Buff's Chance/Debuff+10%
  • Level 5 Buff/Debuff Chance+15%
  • Level 6 Lap counter-1


[Passive Effect]
Every time an enemy tries to place a debuff [Freeze] on this Champion, it is instantly transferred from this Champion to this enemy.

[Active Effect]
Each time this champion is killed, it is reanimated with 30% of HP and 30% turn counter, and places a buff [Reanimated after Death] on itself for 1 turn.

  • Level 2 Lap counter-1
Illustration of howling Blizaar's skills
Image of Blizaar le Braillard's skills

Alucare review:

Tormin non-nil for the passive that sends freezes back to the opponent. Certainly useful against bomal so that bombs do less damage. and for the frost spider to remove freezes on your champions.
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