New fusion RSL: Strategos Islin, is it necessary to make the fusion?

On Thursday, August 31, we plan to launch a Champion Fragment event with a new champion: Strategos Islin.

Image illustration of the Strategos Islin character
Image illustration of the Strategos Islin character for our article "New fusion RSL: Strategos Islin, is it time to do the fusion?".
  • Faction – High Elves
  • Rarity – Legendary
  • Type – Defense
  • Affinity – Magic


Image of Strategos Islin, the new champion on RSL
Image of the Strategos Islin character on RSL

Strategos Islin is a champion tanky with excellent control and mechanisms special care.
It will be very useful in PvE, where control is a real asset. The Hydra can be his preferred location, thanks to its healing capabilities. The Iron Twins' Fortress, where in addition to massive healing, the Speed Reduction debuff on Strategos Islin's A2 will be indispensable.

A video from new champion Strategos Islin:

Competence of new champion Strategos Islin:


Attacks 1 enemy 2 times. Each strike has a 35% chance of placing a debuff [Provocation] for 1 turn. When counter-attacking, the chances increase to 50%.

  • Level 2 Damage +10%.
  • Level 3 Damage +10%.
  • Level 4 buff/debuff chance +15%.

HINDRANCE | CD = 4 tours

Attacks all enemies. Before attacking, has a 75% chance to reduce the duration of all enemy buffs by 1 turn.
Has a 75% chance of placing a debuff [Reduced VIT] of 30% for 2 turns.

  • Level 2 Damage +10%.
  • Level 3 Damage +10%.
  • Level 4 buff/debuff chance +10%.
  • Level 5 buff/debuff chance +15%.
  • Level 6 Cooldown -1


Places a [Protection of allies] of 50% on all allies for 2 turns except this champion, and places a [DEF increase] of 60% on all allies for 2 turns.
Also places a [Counter attack] on this champion for 2 turns. Then place a [Shield] on this champion for 2 turns. The value of [Shield] is proportional to the champion's DEF.

  • Level 2 Cooldown -1
  • Level 3 Cooldown -1


Each time this champion is attacked, it heals itself by 1% for every 500 DEF it possesses.
Heals all other allies under the buffs of [Protection of alliesThe first 30% of this skill's initial treatments.


Increases allied ERP in all battles by 60.

Image illustration of Strategos Islin features on RSL
Image illustration of various features of the Strategos Islin character, for our article "New fusion RSL: Strategos Islin, should we do the fusion?".

My opinion :

A champion who will surely be tanky, for the hydra he can be useful for provocation if the head is Force. On the other hand, with the counterattack, he'll have to be the one with the least HP, so he'll be a bit of a pain.

Playing it full defense will be the solution to get a bigger heal and a bigger shield too.

His a2 will be great for the hydra too. All we have to do now is test it and see its basic stats.

I do all the mergers, but this is far from the worst merger champion.

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