Rebalance champion RSL of the month of MAY 2023


Hey, friends!

Here is a new batch of Champions that will be rebalanced in the next update.

Changes are indicated in bold.

1.Nogdar the Headhunter

Bloody Feast:

Attack all enemies. After attacking, this champion sacrifices a number of HP equal to 50% of their MAX HP, then places a 15% [Continuous Heal] buff on all allies for 2 turns. The HP sacrifice occurs even if the champion is killed.


Sacrifices a number of HP equal to 50% of this champion's MAX HP, then equalizes the HP levels with the target enemy. Then he grants an extra turn.

The HP levels of this champion and the target enemy will be reduced to the level of the one with the lowest HP.

[This champion cannot be killed by this skill].

Return of the Executioner [P]:

Revive this champion with 50% of HP and a turn counter full when killed if all other allies are alive. Does not work if there are multiple Nogdars in the team or if there are 3 or less Champions in the team.

2. Gomlok Skyhide

Fateful Prankster:

Attack 1 enemy. With 60% chance to fly all buffs of the target. Also has 60% odds to fly 50% of the target's maximum turn counter.

Enchanter [P]:

Each time 4 or more buffs are placed on the enemy team in a single turn, a [Shield] buff for an amount equal to 30% of their MAX HP is placed on this champion for

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