RSL Champion Rebalancing December 2022

Here is the new list of Champions that will be rebalanced in the next update.
Changes are written in bold.

Changes to champions:

1. Pyxniel

[Charm Master] Attack 1 enemy. Square a [Perfect Veil] buff for 1 turn on the ally with the lowest HP.

[Stalactite Dam] Damage increased.
Attacks all enemies. Has 80% chance to place a [Freeze] debuff for 1 turn.

Gelweaver [P] Effect Active CD 5 turns (2 if booked).

[Passive Effect]

Immune to [Freeze] debuffs.

Fills this Champion's Turn Meter with 25% each time an ally receives a [Freeze] debuff.

[Active Effect]

At the end of each enemy or ally turn, remove [Freeze] debuffs from all allies.

If several Champions have this Skill in the team, only one will remove the [Freeze] debuffs from all allies.

  • Lvl. 2: Cooldown-1
  • Lvl. 3: Cooldown-1
  • Lvl. 4: Cooldown-1

2. Belanor

[Insurmountable] Attack all enemies. Places a [DEF Reduction] debuff of 60% and a [Weaken] debuff of 25% for 2 turns. Unable to resist these debuffs if Zavia is on the same team.

Also places a [Perfect Veil] buff on this Champion for 2 turns.

[Tactical Partner] Activate skill [Slaughter] of this Champion.

Also activates Zavia's [Poison Rain] skill if she is in the same team.

3. Alika

[Disorient] Attacks all enemies. Has 75% chance to increase by 2 turns the duration of skill cooldowns of all enemies.

4. Crypt Witch

[Dismount] Attack 3 random times. Each hit has a 75% chance to place a [DEF Reduction] debuff of 60% for 2 turns. Each strike will also ignore 15% of the target's DEF.

[Not So Fast] Attack 1 enemy. Will ignore 50% of target's DEF if this Champion has a higher SPD than the target.

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