Summary of Update 6.10 on Raid Shadow Legends

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Update 6.10 is about to hit the servers, and while it's nowhere near the monumental scale of 6.00, we've still prepared several nice additions to the game. , we're setting the stage for the next Deck of Fate event and the next season of the Forge Pass – they won't launch immediately, but all the pieces will be in place. We will also be adding a new way to earn Tournament Points to the Training of Champions Tournament; the Global Chat will have a context menu that lists the rules; and, of course, we will continue our efforts to rebalance the old Champions.
You will find all the details below.

RSL Update 6.10

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Deck of Fate

Halloween Deck of Fate is a new event type that we will be introducing in the coming weeks. If you've seen our latest What's Next In Raid episode, you already know what it's all about. In summary, you will earn Pumpkins of Destiny by completing various in-game activities: raiding Dungeons, leveling Champions, opening Shards, etc. These Pumpkins can be used to flip cards from the Deck of Fate that gives the Event its name, and each card offers some sort of reward.

Cards come in three Rarities, and if you flip three cards of the same rarity in a row, you get a Chest of Fate. Basically, it's a Bonus Chest that will let you get some awesome items.

As we mentioned in the introduction, Deck of Fate events will not be coming to Raid immediately with Update 6.10. Keep your eyes on the news – you've probably already guessed from the name when the first such Event will be launched!

Champions Training Tournament Update

Starting with Update 6.10, you will receive Tournament Points each time you upgrade a Champion's Skill with a Skill Tome. Keep in mind that you won't get any Points if you upgrade Skills with a duplicate Champion - this change only affects Skill Tomes. The number of Tournament Points earned will depend on the Rarity of the Skill Tome:

Legendary: 200 points

Epic: 75 points

Uncommon: 25 points

Naturally, you can improve your Skills with Skill Tomes of different Rarities. The game will calculate each one individually based on their point value (as shown above).

Forge Pass Season 4

A new season of the Forge Pass is planned for the near future. It will include the same rewards as Season 3 and a new avatar. As with Deck of Fate Events, we will announce the launch of Season 4 when the time comes.

Global Chat Rules

When opening the “Chat” tab, you will see a new “Chat Rules” label. Tapping on it will bring up a pop-up menu that lists all the rules you need to follow when conversing in the chat. There's not much more to say, but this little addition should help keep the cat clean!

Champion Rebalancing

RSL Baron Rebalancing

RSL Bloodfeather Rebalancing

RSL Brute Grumpy Rebalancing

RSL Rebalancing Ripper

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