What are air-conditioned shoes?

Do you want to have a pair of shoes that will keep your feet cool on the floor, while on the go or when you're in the office? These are the air-conditioned shoes for you. Have you ever heard of the USB Foot Cooler from Japan? In fact, it is a small tube that attaches to the leg and slips into the shoe, being connected to a USB cable, allowing you to power a fan in the shoe by your mobile or PC. It's ingenious, isn't it? You haven't seen it all yet, air-conditioned shoes are even better. What's this ? How it works ? How to get them? Stay on this guide to learn more about air-conditioned shoes.

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Air-conditioned shoes: what are they and how do they work?

Some fruits of modern technology stand out that we sometimes find them bizarre and unreal. Regarding shoe coolers, for example, there is theUSB Foot Cooler and air-conditioned shoes. These two products have been designed on the same concept, that of keeping your feet fresh by avoiding discomfort, and especially bad odors. They are both designed by Japan. This great producer of products at the cutting edge of particularly original technology will never cease to impress us. Enthusiasts of technological and technical novelties are spoiled with the appearance of these different kinds of air-conditioned shoes.

What characterizes air-conditioned shoes?

At first glance, air-conditioned shoes are nothing special, they look like any other ordinary shoes, also called "air-conditioned shoes". However, they have the absolute ability to keep your feet dry. If you don't have a shoe cooler, these will also do the trick. How are the air-conditioned shoes? Their characteristics can be summarized by the following points:

  • Without air conditioning system;
  • Equipped with six ventilation holes in the sole.

These shoes are perfect for tackling a hot summer day. They allow you to feel an instant freshness by avoiding excessive sweating of the feet, and therefore bad smells, sources of discomfort.

Are they waterproof?

Like these sneakers have six ventilation holes, you will quickly understand that it is not worth putting them on when it is raining outside. The purpose of wearing them is to keep the feet dry, so it would be wise to avoid moisture while wearing them.

Image illustration of the construction of an air-conditioned shoe, via the Internet

Where to buy better quality air-conditioned shoes?

Do you want to treat yourself to these shoes that provide a lot of comfort? Yes, how can you resist seeing these geek products that are very trendy at the moment?! Note that you can order it online for about 7,245 Yen, the equivalent of about 75 Euros.

Buy a pair of air-conditioned shoes to stay comfortable on even the hottest days. You will enjoy maximum comfort and bad odors in your feet and shoes will no longer be part of your daily worries.

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