What is Haram?

Like any other religion, Islam establishes prohibitions in order to maintain balance within society. These are imposed by the Holy Koran, as a guideline. If you already know what what Haram meansFind out in this guide what is Haram in Islam.

What is forbidden in Islam?

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The word Haram means: forbidden, illicit, inviolable, sacred and saint in Islam. It has two meanings in Arabic: forbidden or sacred. These prohibitions are divided into two levels:

  • The illegal actions and prohibited which are the opposite of lawful or Halal shares
  • As well as closed sacred spaces to some.

In the Islamic religion, the Holy Qur'an mentions prohibitions and illicit actions, whether in terms of food, clothing, behavior, sexuality, etc. These are imposed by Allah or by tradition. These are imposed by Allah or by tradition:

Course of action

In the Sura, here is the number of prohibitions listed:

"Come, I will recite what your Lord has forbidden you: associate nothing with Him, and be kind to your father and mother. Do not kill your children because of poverty. Do not approach turpids openly or secretly. Kill only with justice the life that Allah has made sacred. This is what Allah has recommended you to do. And we approach the property of the orphan only in the most beautiful way, until he has reached his majority. And give the right measure and weight, in all justice. We impose on a soul only according to its capacity. And when you speak, be fair even if it's a close relative. Fulfill your commitment to God. This is what He enjoins upon you." Indicates Sura 6/v. 151-152.


Although it is tolerated in certain passages of the Koran, wine and alcohol are strictly forbidden in Sura 5:

"O believers! Wine, gambling, standing stones and divining arrows are an abomination, the work of the Devil. Depart from them."


Pork is strongly forbidden in Islam. Indeed, those who obey Allah must not eat animals that have died of disease or old age, nor pork or black pudding. Visit blood is also forbidden in Islam.


It should also be noted that the ill-gotten gainsis strongly forbidden by the Koran.


Theft is considered a universal sinand from which it is forbidden by Islam.

Fornication and adultery

The sin of the flesh is also forbidden in Islam as stated in Sura 32/ v.32 :

"avoid fornication: it's an abomination! what a detestable path."

In short, these are just a few examples of what Muslims consider haram. There are, of course, other prohibitions in line with Islamic principles, such as those mentioned in this article but these few points just about sum up everything that's haram.

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